It can be frustrating when your website remains unnoticed after you have put so much time and effort into the success of your practice. Gaining new loyal patients every month is a must if you wish to keep up with all of your competitors, but they will not just turn up to your practice if they do not even know that you exist. These days a majority of people find their new dentist through searching online, and the biggest search engine out there is Google. If your website does not show up when people are searching for local dentists and treatments then there is a high chance that they will be attending an appointment at one of your competitor’s practices instead, which is of course something that you do not want to happen. There are a range of dental SEO techniques that you can put into place when it comes to trying to improve your positioning with Google’s results, but if it is something that you find difficult then it may be time to consider getting a professional to help you.

Be discovered online in as many places as possible

If you wish to maximise your chances of appearing in Google’s search engine results then being present on a variety of social media platforms will help you achieve this, reaching different potential future patients in a range of ways. People do not always use the same social media platforms and the platforms themselves can be used to help promote your practice in different ways, so having all of them will ensure that your future patients can find you easily and that you are reaching as many people as possible. You will be able to link your social media accounts to each other as well as to your website, so everyone can keep up to date easily with what is going on in your practice. Linking your pages to your website means you will be able to advertise through them as well as promote your professional blog, which should be focusing on one key thing per post. Updating both your blog and your social media accounts frequently will enable Google to recognise that your website is producing up to date, relevant information for people to enjoy, and focusing on keywords will help your page to appear high up on the results page when people search for similar terms to what your keywords are.

Convenient, simple and quick is key

The internet itself has made discovering new information a lot easier and quicker, with people having access to whatever they want from not only their desktop computer, but also their mobile devices in a lot of cases. Google carefully optimises its results to benefit its user as much as possible, meaning that the more optimised your website is the more likely it is to appear within the first few Google results. People expect everything to be convenient when using the internet, so if they are using a mobile device to look at a website they expect that website to be mobile friendly. Looking at a desktop site from a mobile screen is awkward and time-consuming, and more often than not someone will leave your site if it is not adapted for mobile viewing. Loading speeds are also important, as if your page takes any longer than three seconds to load in its entirety then there is a high chance that your future patient will grow impatient and visit your competitor’s site instead.