How Do You Stay Healthy And Fit? Here Are The Best 10 Foods You Can’t Ignore

If your aim is to be fit and healthy, then exercising alone is not enough. While exercises and workouts can make your body fit, they don’t really do much for your health. In order to be fit and healthy, you need a good exercise routine plus eat right. But what kind of foods should you look out for? Here are 10 you can try.
Before we go into the list of foods to take, it is important to note that you cannot simply take one type of food and focus on it alone. While the ability to focus is usually an asset in goals attainment, when it comes to good health, the truth is you need to consume a variety of food types daily. Plus you should never overeat, even if it is overeating good food!
So here goes – the top 10 foods you must have in your diet, not by order of merit…
1. Whole Grains
Whole grains like brown rice and wheat kernels are very healthy foods. They are not only nutritious, they are also quite testy once you get used to them. But as mentioned above, you must mixed different types of grains in your diet for best results. There is no point for you to eat just one type and ignore the others.
2.Lean proteins
Lean and mean? No, just lean. People in the US eat far too much protein compared to the rest of the world. But you don’t really need to eat so much because 3 ounces will provide all protein you need for your day. Remember to get rid of all visible fat from your protein source too. If not, use a non-meat alternative as your protein source.
Berries are the superfood of the century. Instead of snacking on sweet, calorie laden desserts, you will do well with a few fresh berries or even frozen berries – use your imagination. These foods are high in vitamin C and some types of berries are also high in other nutrients as well. Mix and match different types for variety in taste as well as for better health.
Salmon is very rich in Omega-3 oils which is excellent for improving your brain power. This lean fish is both tasty and nutritionally one of the best fish choices you can make. Baked Salmon tastes great also you may also want to try the raw style that the Japanese prefer. In any case, eat lots of Salmon for its powerful antioxidant properties.
5. Vegetables
Needless to say but I have to say it anyway – consuming a variety of vegetables is crucial to your good health. Vegetables provide many of the essential minerals and vitamins required in a good diet. For example, you need potassium for healthy nutrition and you can get adequate supply for your diet in a stalk of broccoli.
6. Citrus
Vitamin C is a very important you cannot afford not to have in your diet. Where do you get your Vitamin C from? Citrus fruits are one group of foods that can give you ample supply of Vitamin C. There are many creative ways for you to eat this wonderful stuff. You may to try grapefruit for break-fast, or you can add fresh squeezed lime to your salad dressing. Or you may want to savor slices of orange with coconut and honey for dessert.
7. Nuts and seeds
You’ve got to be nuts to ignore nuts! You must have heard of walnuts and pecans. These nuts contains very good nutritional value for you. But you may not know that you can also boost your brain power with flax seeds because this seed contains sources of the Omega-3 oil.
8. Legumes
What is a legume? This is actually a group of fruits that are characterized by a single dry seed. Also know as pods, legumes like soybeans, peas, dried beans, peanuts, etc, are rich in iron and high in fiber. This make legumes an excellent choice for nutrition.
9.Olive oil
You have heard of bad fat but have you heard of a good fat? Well, Olive oil is probably the healthiest fat substance for your diet. You can use Olive oil on your salad or fry other foods in the hot oil for a scrumptious meal. Be careful not to set the fire too hot it breaks the oil down.
10. Tea
Last and definitely not the least, you should add tea to your diet. Be it green tea, mint tea or chamomile tea, you can get lots of goodness from tea.…

Diet Nutrition

With the way that the typical American eats greasy fast food and lots of meat and carbonated beverages, not to mention alcohol, our health is in question. For those who take care of their body will see the difference in a short time how much better they feel once they eat the correct foods to sustain them energy throughout the day.
Diet nutrition should not be neglected no matter what you do. Being healthy is important to preventing illness and diseases from cropping up and it also fuels your body with the right amount of nutrients so that it is strong. This site is home to many traditional Chinese herbal supplements that can help you improve your health when you take them once a day. The most common herbal supplement is a plant known as Lingzhi in China and Reishi in Japan. It is a very powerful herb which has been scientifically studied for it healing properties and ability to boost your immune system.
Knowledge is key!
Diet nutrition is something you must learn about so that you know the proper foods you should eat and how to care for your body. In China, a reflection of the outside is what is on the inside. This is why caring for your body is an important aspect of Chinese culture and you can do the same by learning about this technique. Taking the necessary herbs and vitamins can be your start to a healthier you. There is information regarding each type of herbal supplement and why it is something that can help you.
In diet nutrition on this site you will often find information regarding other aspects of your health. It doesn’t just focus on you taking certain herbs, but also what you can do to help improve you image and health overall. Exercise is one of those key components that many people fail to do each day. This is part of why cancer and other illnesses are on the rise each year, most notably heart disease and obesity. But you can prevent health problems from cropping up with your own health by taking these herbal supplements each day and cleansing your body of unhealthy choices, such as poor eating choices.
Diet nutrition should be something that you pay careful attention to each day of your life. It will determine how long you live, how healthy your overall body will be, and how you feel. If you feel sluggish and get sick often, this can be a sure sign that you’re not doing something right. Although these herbal supplements are not cures for ailments or illnesses they can work in harmony with re-establishing good health. It takes small steps to make a difference, but you will be glad you did when you’re feeling great.…

Avoiding the Exercise Plateau

When it comes to exercising, maintaining the same workout program day in and day out can not only become boring and monotonous, but will also most likely lead to that dreaded seven letter word that sends chills up an avid exerciser’s spine… exercise PLATEAU. The human body will respond in positive ways to a new stimulus such as exercise because it’s naturally prepping itself to cope with higher workloads through a process known as adaptation. Exercise PLATEAU is when the body no longer adapts or changes to the force being applied because it no longer recognizes the activity as a new stimulus. The key to avoiding this PLATEAU is to create an exercise program filled with variety. Our bodies are fine tuned machines that quickly become accustomed to the things we do. By incorporating an assortment of exercises, programs, intensity levels, and training methods our body in constantly in this adaptive phase.
 One way to add variety to your cardiovascular training is to cross train. If you are someone that always uses the treadmill, try another cardio machine or better yet, an aerobic class that integrates lateral and multi-directional movements. The drills involved with a boot camp class or the kicks involved in a cardio kickboxing class are sure to target muscles that are not activated by running. Another way to alter your cardiovascular workout is to train at different intensity levels. Familiarize yourself with your target heart rate(THR) and use this formula to find the intensity level that is right for you and your training goals.  Instead of keeping a steady pace for a 30-40 minute duration jog at 55% of your THR, try a shorter 25 minute workout at 75-80% of your THR. Don’t forget to utilize the incline option on the cardio machines to add intensity or add intermittent sprint stages to keep your body guessing.
When it comes to weight lifting, it is important to remember the overload principle. This principle states that fitness improvements are made only when workloads are greater than those normally encountered. Remember increasing the workload includes more than just lifting heavier weight. You can also amplify the work load by increasing the rate at which you are doing the work and by altering the sets and reps to adjust the total training volume. If you regularly perform 15 repetitions, try performing 10 reps at a higher weight for a couple weeks.
Another variation is to train your muscles using isometric contraction versus isotonic contraction. Isotonic contraction is what typically comes to mind when we think of weight training. It is when the muscle length changes throughout the duration of the exercise (picture a bicep curl). Isometric training is the static contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint (picture holding the bicep curl at the midpoint for a duration of time). While holding a contracted position for a period of time, these muscles are forced to contract continuously which causes your body to activate more and more motor units to help sustain this contraction. This increased activation can lead to strength gains and a more efficient muscle.
Additional training methods that might change up your workout are super sets (when two opposing muscle groups are worked in sequence with no rest periods in between) or compound sets (when the same muscle group is worked continuously with no rest in between). Circuit training is another great addition to any bland workout program. Circuit training is a high intensity, fast paced workout designed to keep your heart rate elevated (like a cardiovascular workout) while incorporating strength training elements. Not only is circuit training a great and time efficient workout, but by rotating from station to station with little to no rest in between, you are maximizing the total calorie expenditure.
When it comes to exercise, a regular routine is something that should be avoided in some sense. Once the body practices the same routine time after time, it grows more proficient at executing the movements therefore it requires less energy to perform them. Keeping your workout program filled with variety will aid in avoiding the exercise PLATEAU and assist with “keeping the body on it’s proverbial toes.” This method will also reduce the risk of burnout. Let’s face your body becomes bored, your mind is soon to follow.…

Why Hiring a Personal Trainer Isn’t Enough to Solve Your Weight Loss Problems

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’ve seen your share of struggles when it comes to weight loss. Perhaps you’ve taken a new job that requires a lot more time in the car, meaning less time to hit the stair master at the gym. Or maybe it’s that the job has become so stressful that you’ve resorted to indulging in some nightly Haagen-Dazs, and suddenly the scale has crept up 30 pounds.
So you think picking up the phone and booking 10 sessions of personal training will help give you a head start to dropping the weight. And while good physical activity will certainly help promote your weight loss – working out alone won’t help you reach your weight loss goals. In fact, exercise is just a part of the equation – not the be-all, end-all solution to getting rid of the unwanted weight that’s steadily climbed.
When you sign up for personal training sessions, you typically see your trainer one to two days a week for a 30 to 60 minute session each time. Even during the most intense training sessions, you may burn a maximum 500 calories.
Whether you do it once or twice a week, it won’t do much good if you don’t stay accountable the other five or six days. It also won’t do you much good if you aren’t maintaining some sort of daily eating regimen.
The body isn’t as efficient at burning calories as we’d like to believe. If it was, we all could eat three Big Macs in a single sitting, pop in an exercise tape or run a few miles, and poof! Problem solved! But that is not the case, unless you’ve got the metabolism and caloric expenditure of a 12-year old male soccer player.
Instead, you’ve got to do your “homework.” This means you’ve got to eat clean, healthy foods seven days a week, providing the right types of fuel for your body while facilitating fat loss. It means saying “no” to chocolate cake at one of your girlfriend’s birthdays and passing on that Margarita at happy hour.
It means learning to walk past the fridge knowing there’s a fresh bowl of leftover pasta from the family dinner you just cooked. It means putting on your sneakers and hitting the pavement on days when you have no one to push you.
Most of all, it means holding yourself accountable, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even during your weakest moments. That’s when you grow as a person. That’s when you truly thrive in your weight loss journey.…

What to Look For in a Personal Trainer

So what exactly is personal training?
It seems like a pretty straightforward question that should have a straight forward answer, right? Get ready to be surprised!
It seems pretty obvious to most that when hiring a personal trainer you should be getting the best of a few worlds. Those being your cardiovascular performance, strength and endurance, and nutrition advice. Some trainers are even big into supplementation advice. Now, believe it or not you might get this from 10% of the trainers around!
Unfortunately a lot of trainers forget about neuromuscular adaptation and create “cookie cutter” programs that they themselves might use!
So what should you be looking for in a trainer? In order to create customized, personal training programs the trainer must recognize the interactions of the nervous system and the entire kinetic chain.
This means that we as trainers must be very aware of the clients Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System. After all that is really what training is, adapting the body to a stimulus. In fact, the first few weeks to a month of training is usually the body having better communication between the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. This is known as The Law of Facilitation.
When training someone you must be aware of this, and change your program so that the person may adapt to a new set of stimuli and make real gains. Of course we should also be aware of what learning process they are using. Most people new to exercise are using cognitive learning, and are really listening for their trainers cues! Again too many trainers might neglect this, so watch out!
We want clients to progress, and not be that staple of the gym that has been doing the exact same exercise for years, and looks exactly the same. Guess what, their body has mechanically perfected that workout, adapted, and now can’t move on.
There is a way around the dreaded plateau, and as trainers we must always remember the simple FITT principle:
Frequency: how often you exercise
Intensity: how hard you work during exercise
Time: how long you exercise, and
Type: what type of activity you’re doing
We must be aware within our micro and mesocycles to change at least one or two of these, to prevent general adaptation by the body. I will talk to you more about FITT and periodization in later articles! Happy training to both the trainers and the clients, don’t ever stop learning!…

Is Your Child or Teen At Real Danger?

Why do most mothers and fathers have so much problems with the overindulging or obese youngsters? Probably it’s because as parents we were all trained to be nourishing, give love and take care of all the requirements of our children. Our love is generally identified by feeding. No one wants to be confronted with the fact they are not as great a parent as they should be. Remarkably, hundreds of thousands of mothers and fathers of overweight young children think being underweight is more important than overweight. 80% of the mother and father believed their children to be only “slightly overweight” or even “normal.” when they are blatantly obese.

If you imagine your son or daughter or teenager is overeating or overweight , don’t justify it as a “phase.” Chances are the issue won’t go away. Ignoring your child’s eating problems can lead to more dangerous problems in the future. Poor eating routines take time to learn and therefore are difficult and sometimes almost impossible to alter. On the other hand giving your overeating kid a diet, reducing foods or insisting that they eat different meals from other family members will only lead to much more eating in the end.

As a mother or father you might believe that talking about your overeating boys and girls and teenagers is politically inappropriate and less importance should be placed on body fat and physical appearance. You may fear talking about overeating with a girl will promote an eating problem later on in life. If you battled with your weight as a boy or girl you may possibly be far more vulnerable about the issues and do not want to utilize disparaging terms about your children, particularly when play ground bullies taunted you years in the past.

Nevertheless, excess weight gain is a significant problem. If you dismiss overeating in your child or teenager, he or she will gain pounds and suffer not only the difficulties that obese adults experience- high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes but anxiousness, depression and problems due to reduced self respect. You may have already witnessed the dreadful teasing your obese children and teenagers are uncovered to from their classmates. It’s the teasing and ridicule that your youngsters deal with that may actually be more important than their body weight.…

The Ultimate Foods To Improve One’s Fat Burning Potential

Are you wanting to maximize your weight loss by incorporating certain fat reducing meals into your diet plan? Do food items that reduce fat even exist? Let’s take a closer look at this extremely popular issue and see how you can get the most fat burning advantage out of your meals.
To begin with, when people talk about “fat eliminating foods” they’re referring to a process known as the thermogenic effect, that is simply the calories expended while absorbing, moving and storing the food. There are certain types of food items which melt away more calories than others during this process, which has lead them to being called “fat burning foods”.
While it might sound like a trick, certain foods such as red pepper as well as green tea are said to improve your body’s metabolism and shed more fat. If you enjoy these then by all means add them into your diet plan, but don’t expect any calorie burning magic. They might help your body burn more calories, however the quantity of calories expended is very small.
So, what foods can help you maximize your fat burning potential?
Almost all foods have a certain thermic effect, yet lean meats contain the highest effect of all the macronutrients. Lean meats like chicken, turkey, eggs and fish, for example.
It’s recommended that you consume a lean protein at each meal and mix it with a nutritious, low calorie vegetable. And, of course, include a natural starchy carb, whole grain or even fresh fruit to your diet as your caloric needs determine and don’t forget a few good fats.
So, the next time you put together a quick meal be sure to throw in a fat reducing, lean protein as the main course and achieve the fat loss results you are looking for!…