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Type of Foods for the development of the Child Brain

Foods that contain good nutritious good for a healthy body. Nutritionists recommend that parents should choose some nutritious foods that can help improve the brain growth of their children. Beef is a type of food that can support brain development at the age of growth, but it also can improve the function, memory, and concentration.


Here are 9 types of foods recommended by experts to help the growth and development of brain function of children:

Foods that contains fish

Experts advise choosing fish that contain useful fatty acids such as salmon. This fish is the best source of omega 3 fatty acids that are essential for brain function and growth. In fact, some studies also prove, those who like to eat fish that contain omega 3 has a sharp mind and record good results in mental ability tests.


This type of food is very easy and cheap, but very nutritious. Eggs are a source of protein. Egg yolks in it contain the efficacious choline to help the development of the brain.

Peanut butter

Nuts are foods rich in vitamin e and also antioxidants that can protect brain cell membranes against free radicals, especially macadamia nuts and almonds. For best results, choose peanut butter that is low in sugar and sodium.

Colored vegetables

Tomatoes, carrots, spinach or pumpkin are foods rich in antioxidants. This food is believed to help maintain the strength and health of cell membranes. The fresher and brighter the color of the vegetables, the higher the antioxidant content. Some vegetables also have the benefit of preventing cancer.


Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin c. A number of studies show that berries can improve memory.

Green beans

This food is one of the foods that contain many nutrients. In addition to high protein levels and complex carbohydrates. green beans also contain vitamin c, folic acid, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, and thiamin are good for the development of body and brain.

Recent research also shows, children and adolescents need vitamin d 10 times more than recommended. Vitamin d is useful for maintaining the cell life cycle as well as nerve and muscle function.

Fat-free beef

These foods are a source of iron that can help keep children energized and concentrate in school. Lean beef is the best source of iron because it is easily absorbed by the body. In fact, an ounce of beef every day helps the body absorb from other food sources. Beef also contains zinc that helps maintain memory.


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Sugar Benefits for Body Health

Sugar is a source of energy for the body and also serves as a sweetener food and beverages that we need every day of our lives. It can also help your body in preventing and overcoming some diseases.


The content is usually found in plants such as a cane, coconut, sap, grapes, corn, and others. Of course, this is very good for the health of your body. For those of you who want to know the benefits and efficacy of this sugar, the following benefits.

Sugar Can Improve Brain Function

Efficacy of the first sugar can help you in improving brain function. The brain is a very active role in our body one of them if we do activities during the day. This organ is very important for the body and health.Therefore consumption is this content so that our brain back to work properly and our work back to normal.

Cure Depression

Depression can attack anyone if the person is too much thinking in our life. Other benefits of this sugar can help improve the function of the brain that later can make the mind become calmer. For those of you who are feeling depressed, consuming this content is a good thing in overcoming depression.

Increase Blood Pressure

For those of you who have a low blood disease, of course, you often feel dizzy and your activity becomes disturbed. Many things or ways to help you in raising blood pressure. One of them by consuming sugar that will help you in increasing low blood pressure.

Sugar Therapy

Health is one of the most important things for us. Of course, with this, we are required to maintain health in order to stay well preserved. Many medical scientists have believed that the content of this sugar can help treat various diseases. Therefore, consumption of this content with the right dose and not excessive, so that our lifestyle healthy.

Increase Energy

The benefits of sugar are very much in our lives. Many people have said that the content is very good for all of us. For those of you who are weak to perform activities, the content of this content can help increase energy in your body and certainly can make you become more excited about the move.

hopefully, the information that I convey can add insight and your knowledge in maintaining body health. But you need to know should consume sugar with fitting and do not overdo it because dangerous for your body health. So we recommend the consumption of this content with enough and not too much.


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Which Are the Main Aging Skin Problems?

Which Are the Main Aging Skin Problems?

There are some major skin problems which will appear at old age. There isn’t a specific age when you will have to deal with all the problems, but as your body gets older and tired, it will start to affect your everyday life. When it comes to aging skin problems, there are quite a lot of issues and you should learn how to treat them.

Before we go any further, you need to know that these problems appear depending on a large array of factors. If you live in a polluted environment, you might get signs of aging way before their time. So, let’s see which the main aging skin problems are.

1. Wrinkles

Wrinkles are by far the most common and hated problem that appears at old age. Unlike other issues that you might meet, wrinkles won’t make your skin very uncomfortable, but they will be quite obvious. If you want to stop wrinkles in their tracks, you can easily do it, but you need to know which cream uses the right ingredients.

2. Age spots

Age spots usually appear at old age and they seem to be getting the attention of many people. This problem used to be irremediable, but now anyone can get a strong cream which can make age spots disappear.

3. Lack of elasticity

Lack of skin elasticity is another issue from the many aging skin problems that most people suffer from. Your skin will lose its elasticity along with the possibility of producing collagen and elastin.

Because all of these problems will affect you in one way or another, you should consider buying a top of the line product. All you need is the right cream and you can make the most serious aging skin problems disappear completely.

The best ingredients that a person can find for treating these skin conditions are Phytessence Wakame, Coenzyme Q10 and Cynergy TK. Some companies have already combined these ingredients in their laboratories and the great results have already been proven. You just have to start the treatment and you will be able to prevent many of the worst aging signs.…

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Fat Transfer Transforms Your Life

Fat Transfer Transforms Your Life

Fat Transfer To Fight Aging

The aging process isn’t always kind. It can leave you feeling emotionally deflated, and sometimes even physically deflated, as well. Over time, your body can lose fat and volume and leave you looking older than you actually are. A loss in volume can rob you of your youthful appearance. Luckily there is a new procedure that can help restore you back to your normal self. Fat transfer, also referred to as fat injection, micro-lipoinjection and facial fat rejuvenation, is a safe and natural approach that provides dramatic results for improving volume loss.

Areas of Improvement

Fat transfer is so safe and easy that you can walk out of the doctor’s office feeling fresh and rejuvenated. There are so many uses for the procedure that it is bound to help you in any area that you may have problems. Some issues that fat transfer can improve on are:

sunken temples

hollow cheeks

deep frown and smile lines

thinning of the lips

a small chin

acne and trauma scars

skin depressions

and many, many more.

Why It Works

Fat transfer works by removing excess fat from other areas of your body and injecting them into the areas where you have experienced volume loss. The procedure only takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete and is performed with a local anesthetic. This makes the procedure not only effective, but safe too, because you don’t have to worry about being put under a general anesthesia. Because this treatment uses fat already in your body, no outside material is used. It’s a completely natural process of moving fat from one area to another.

One Benefit After Another

There are so many benefits of choosing the fat transfer procedure over traditional, invasive methods of liposuction and implants. The days of having to settle for going under the knife and dealing with general anesthesia are a thing of the past. Just a few of the benefits to choosing it for your volume loss needs include:

Non-surgical office procedure using your own natural body fat

All natural method. The fat is treated & by injection is used to sculpt needy body areas

No allergic risk

Naturally achieves softer, smooth, completely natural looking results

What Do You Have To Lose?

You deserve to look healthy, young, and revitalized. Unfortunately, the aging process can have a negative effect on your body resulting in fat and volume loss. Don’t look sunken in any longer. You can fight this natural aging dilemma by using Fat Transfer to give you a look you can be proud of forever. Fat transfer is a natural way to achieve the results you want. Don’t go under the knife or get implants to increase volume, take the fat from a place that is unwanted on your body already and use it for good. This procedure can help you to look and feel great again. You deserve it! Talk to your doctor today about how it could change your life for good.…

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Properly Aging and Taking Care of Wine

Properly Aging and Taking Care of Wine

The aging process of wine is controlled by a wine cellar. These are used to house the bottles of wine which need proper storage until the day they will become mature. Effective controls make sure this happens in the right manner.

Having our own private cellar for wine, hosting becomes simpler because we do not have to worry about getting wine to serve the guests every time there is a dinner or a get together. We simply walk into the cellar and pick a bottle when we feel it is time.

To serve the storage purposes, a wine cellar should be carefully constructed and strategically situated. They are generally a dark room in the house, mostly underground but it is not necessary that it be so. They could be under the staircase.

A cellar will generally require a home designer to collaborate with the owner of the house to design a suitable cellar. He will focus on such issues like the design of the pillars, the carvings and all moldings of the wall.

The benefit of having a cellar underground traditionally was to keep the temperatures at the right level. There was also adequate flow of air and humidity was kept at bay. The atmosphere down there was cool and dry. Good temperature was between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature has to be kept stable because any sudden changes may interferer with the wine. Therefore, change if any, should be constant.

It takes an expert to get the right temperature in which the wine will mature at the right speed. If the heat is too much, the wine will be spoilt.

It is good to have the temperature conditioning systems in a cellar to control the temperature to allow the wine to mature in the right conditions. These also ensure that the moisture in the air is also ideal to suit the kind of wine.…

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Useful Skincare Products That Assist With Anti Aging

Useful Skincare Products That Assist With Anti Aging

When it comes to anti aging skin care there are so many different products and ranges available from face creams to hand creams and eye serums to gel masks, you can even find supplements to help you with your skin care. All of them have different ingredients and chemicals to help different types of skin or different areas. It can be confusing to say the least, so what products do really assist in helping to slow down the aging skin process.

Well that can depend purely on the area of skin you wish to treat. When it comes to anti aging face creams there are two main products that you should look out for, one is face cream for the day, and the other will be a face cream for the night. Anti aging day face creams are different to those that you should use at night and therefore a large number of cream manufacturers have separate lines for day and night use.

Day creams usually contain UVA/UVB filters to help protect against sun radiation that can sap the skin of nutrition and help to cause premature aging. They also generally contain skin-tightening agents that should help to tighten the elasticity of skin and reduce the appearance of lines or wrinkles on the skins surface. When making your decision on a day cream it is a good idea to look out for one that contains natural ingredients and does not contain any potentially damaging ingredients such as parabens, dioxanes and fragrances. These are often put into creams to improve their shelf life or make them smell nicer, when in fact they can be damaging to your health and should be avoided. If you wear makeup throughout the day it is also good to check that the cream will not affect your makeup and you will still be able to apply these easily.

Night creams usually contain ingredients to help rehydrate and smooth the skin whilst you are a sleep. If you have had a long and stressful day your skin can become dry and tired and night creams assist by conditioning the skins surface to make it appear more refreshed and toned. Once again when shopping for a night cream it is important to avoid any bad chemicals such as parabens or dioxanes.

Other useful anti aging products can include eye serums and line lift serums. These are for treating specific areas such as below the eyes where skin can become more stressed. They help to firm the skin and reduce damage to the skis surface that can result in wrinkles.…

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5 Steps to Use Anti Aging Serums Effectively

5 Steps to Use Anti Aging Serums Effectively

When you begin to see fine lines in your face, you begin to become paranoid about erasing them. You start to buy anti aging products that will bring back the smooth and supple skin you once had. With so many products to apply in your face, it becomes confusing and sometimes uncomfortable to wear them. From anti aging creams to anti aging moisturizers, to anti aging serums, you will definitely try all those products to gain the best results. But applying them really eats much time. By using these simple steps, you can do your beauty routine without much hassle:

1. Hand Washing. Never ever fail to clean your hands first before applying any cream. Do not just wet your hands. Use soap and water and rinse them under running water to remove dirt and possible contaminants that might be transferred to your face.

2. Wash Your Face. Use a facial soap that is mild. Non fragrant soaps are more preferable because they contain less perfume that might be irritating. Include your neck and the back of the ears when washing your face.

3. Apply the Anti aging Serum. When applying the serum, do not dab too much. Unlike creams serums should only be used in minimal amount. Just pat a small amount on your face and let it dry for a few minutes so that it can be absorbed by the skin. You will recognize if it has totally dried up when your face doesn’t feel sticky.

4. Use a moisturizer. After the serum has dried up, you can now dab a moisturizer to protect the effect of the serum. Thoroughly cover all your facial area with the moisturizer.

5. Make up Application. If you need to wear a makeup, allow some time for the moisturizer to dry up so that it will not ruin your blush on and face powder. On the other hand, if you will not follow it with a makeup, a sunscreen will be a good top up.

To make the effect of anti aging serum more recognized, use it two times daily in a regular basis. It could be in the morning before you go proceed to your activities of daily living, and then in the evening before you go to bed.…

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Caregivers and Trustees – You Are a Better Person for Doing the Work

Caregivers and Trustees – You Are a Better Person for Doing the Work

I want to talk about success and satisfaction in caregiving and elder care. Sometimes it seems like all everyone talks about is how hard it is, how demanding, how stressful. And of course, caregiving is all those things and more.

But it is also very enriching, satisfying, and fulfilling. It truly is an honor to give the gift of help to others, especially the parents who raised you, loved you, supported you, and gave you what you needed to be able to make your way in the world. It is a chance to renew a relationship that may have gone stale.

I invite everyone who reads this to take a moment and reflect on what caregiving and “trusteeing” really means to you and those you care for. Ask yourself: how does it make you feel to know you are doing heroic work? What has made you the happiest on this path? What success can you celebrate? How has this work changed you for the better? Are you more forgiving? More patient? Can you see past the dementia and still see your Dad? Have you gained strength and confidence in dealing with doctors, lawyers, relatives, and financial institutions? Has it made you appreciate your life more? Are you a better person for it?

As for me, I realized I was the lucky one being able to help my parents when they truly needed me. I was the one that got to spend all that time with them during the last months and years. I was the one who got to be so much closer with them than I had been. As I was feeding Mom pureed tuna, I could remember the good times and not be so sad. I was able to empty and sell their home and make sure Mom would never outlive her money. I am the one who can look back with no regret or feeling I could have done more, should have done more, would have done more.

Watching my parents get sick and pass away was very painful, but it taught me to appreciate life like I never had before. I can say for sure it was a powerful wake up call, and has given me a kick in the butt to get out there and do the things I want to do. As the famous saying goes – “You’re either busy living or busy dying.” Your choice.…

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Anti-Aging Treatment & Tips

Anti-Aging Treatment & Tips

The aging of the skin tends to define the age of a person. Some people look younger while others look older than their actual age. Signs of aging skin that make one look old include wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, sagging skin, freckles, and uneven skin tones. There are two main factors that make people appear older or younger than their age. One is intrinsic or internal aging and the other is extrinsic or external aging.

Intrinsic aging is uncontrollable since it is determined by your genetics. Extrinsic aging, however, can be controlled. Environmental factors and lifestyle play an important role in external aging. These factors and lifestyle include sun exposure, smoking, eating unhealthily, and lack of sleep. To prevent extrinsic aging from making you look old, you need to take good care of your skin and avoid those external factors in the first place. Here are treatment and tips you can do to achieve young-looking skin.

Avoid the sun. Both UVA and UVB age the skin. UVA can penetrate into the skin more deeply than UVB. UVA causes skin aging and wrinkles. However, UVB also accelerates skin aging and causes sunburn. Applying sunscreen with SPF 15 and above every morning is necessary because sun’s rays are the main cause of skin aging. You have to apply a sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum protection or UVA/UBA protection.

Eat foods rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the skin from damaging free radicals, slow down the aging process, and rejuvenate the skin. Foods high in antioxidants are fruits, green vegetable, nuts, seeds,dark chocolate, red wine, and green tea.

Get enough sleep. While you sleep, the skin procudes new cells twice as fast at night as during the day. The body also repairs damages causes by factors such as stress, UV rays, and pollution which occur during the day. If you want to get benefits from what people call “Beauty Sleep”, you need to develop a regular sleeping pattern.

Quit smoking. Basically, smokers look around 10 years older than non-smokers of the same age. Smoking cigarette increases free radicals which damage the skin’s DNA. It also causes the skin to become dry. Smoking also causes lines around your mouth as you have to pucker your lips over and over.

Apply a retinoid or retinol at night. A retinoid or retinol stimulates collagen production and speeds cell turn over so it is an excellent treatment for wrinkles and aging skin. In addition, a retinoid can be used to treat age spots, freckles, and uneven skin tones. However, the retinoid or retinol can cause the skin to peel and become red if you do not start using one properly. Thus, knowing how to start applying a retinoid and follow the guideline is necessary.

Apply an antioxidant moisturizer. As antioxidants help prevent free radicals from damaging your skin, using a moisturizer with this property also protects the skin from harmful factors. You may use an antioxidant cream only in the morning before putting on sunscreen or use both in the morning and at night. If you want to apply an antioxidant cream at night, you have to apply it after a retinoid.

Don’t overact facial expressions. Frowning, puckering, and laughing cause the contraction of the muscles and can lead to wrinkles.

Stress. Stress weakens the barrier that prevents the skin from environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, break out, and dull skin.

By following these tips and incorporating anti-aging skin care products to your skin care regimen, you will have young-looking skin you want. The sooner you start, the longer the skin stays young because it is much easier to prevent aging skin from developing than to get rid of or even reduce the appearance of signs of aging.…