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Anti-Aging Smoothies – For Good Health!

Start off your day with “smoothies” and pack in a punch of rich anti-oxidant blends of fruit, vegetables and nut milk, perhaps! Part of the excitement of going for smoothies is the concept of putting together your favourite selection of fruits and vegetables and walking right out the door with a homemade cool, nutritious drink. They are a good replacement meal and can be used for weight loss or for weight gain. Plus, all you need besides your ingredients is a reliable blender.
Smoothies have been around since the 1930s in the United States when health food stores started selling pureed fruit drinks. As this trend meshed-in with the rise in popularity of the Waring Blendor in the 1940s, the recipes for these fruity blends took an interesting change of direction. This was met with open arms by health advocates.
With a thick, milk-shake like consistency these plant based beverages are typically good for you, easy to prepare and takes the hassle out of cooking. They can contain any food of your choice and have been popular with yoghurt, whey powder, soya and nut milks. Not all thick, plant-based beverages are alike. Some are just plain self-indulgent and condensed with unnecessary calories from added sugars that they become only marginally nutritious.
For healthier alternatives take the opportunity to blend as your means of including ingredients that are insufficient in your diet; foods such as your greens and fibre grains. When you do, you will feel satisfied and totally energised and healthy; while getting quality amounts of nutrients in each condensed liquid meal.
Anti-Aging ingredients of green smoothies
Try starting your day with oatmeal cereal and raisins using old fashioned rolled oats with the germ of the grain still intact, uncooked and softened after being soaked (1 minute) in cold nut milk. I personally don’t vary much from that, unless it’s to have a smoothie using similar ingredients from my cereal (without the raisins), with a banana added and poured over crushed ice.
With this beverage you will remain full for up to 3 to 4 hours. It’s packed with high amounts of protein, fibre, potassium, calcium, and other minerals and vitamins. You will also have sustained energy as the sugars are slowly released in the body keeping you invigorated for the next few hours; unlike refined sugars added into some blends that are absorbed quickly and gives you only a short burst of energy followed quickly by a big “crash” or listlessness.
Green smoothies are easy ways to get polyphenols and chlorophyll and other rich plant nutrients in the diet by adding a green vegetable into the fruit blend. You can experiment with kale, spinach, and cucumber but choose a variety of greens throughout your week to get the anti-aging benefits from each source. You will notice your cravings for greens go up as your appetite for less nutritious foods decline.
Try to have one or two blended beverages for the day, if not more for weight balance purposes.
The trick with blended beverages is to watch how much you drink. Because they are a drink, they can be very deceiving. Consider blends as meals by themselves and don’t have anything thing else to eat for at least 2 A� hours afterwards, but still remember to keep up your liquid intake. Fruit blends can be high in calories, some as much as 800 kilocalories or more. If this is combined with other foods in one sitting, you can see how easy it will be to gain weight.
Washing your fruits and vegetables are smart first steps before consuming them. When making your smoothies try freezing them ahead of time in a zipped lock bag; this trick eliminates the ice in the recipe, saves time and you will get a rich, thick, creamy consistency every time you blend.…

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How Can I Get My Boy To Exercise?

If you are asking this question: “how can I get my boy to exercise?” I think I have an easy answer for you, get him a Mongoose Montana Boy’s Mountain Bike 24 Inch Wheels. It is the ideal way to encourage him to get out of the house and to exercise in a fun way.

You are not going to tell him that, of course! He will simply think you thought it was time he had a bike, which it probably is. A boy must have a bike, and if you can ride with him, even better, especially for safety’s sake!

Good gears are very important in a bike for a little boy. You want him to learn how to work the gears in the correct way from the very start. If the gears give him problems it may discourage him from riding and that would really be a pity.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that the bike is going to have to take a certain amount of abuse from him. Boys of about nine to ten are still pretty rough and he is bound to throw it down more than once, so you need one that can stand up to it. I do not mean you do not have to teach him how to handle it properly, but you are not always around. So rather than waste your money on an inferior product, get a good one and make sure he can use it for at least two or three years until he has outgrown it.

It is very important that you teach him all the safety measures before you allow him to go out with the bike on his own. If you are fortunate enough to have lots of open spaces for him to ride, it is not so difficult, but in a city he will have to know how and where he is allowed to ride with it. The very best option, of course, is if you go riding with him. That way you can keep and eye on him.

So, get your boy a Mongoose Montana Boy’s Mountain Bike 24 Inch Wheels and instill a healthy love of exercise in him.…

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Basic Tips on Functional Foods

Most diseases in our bodies arise from improper diets. Foods can be used as natural remedy for certain ailments and I believe that adequate nutrition will eventually be the medicine of tomorrow. Here are some foods which may replace the use of drugs in the treatment of diseases.
Recent discoveries in natural medicine indicate that researchers in University of Southampton, UK, may have some close to a cure for breast cancer. Watercress, a plant which boost immunity and promotes longevity, may have the ability to combat the developing cells in breast cancer. In take of this salad leaves interferes with the development of cancer cells and the growing of cells are starved of essential blood and oxygen. This way, damage to the cells and DNA is prevented. This leaf is called OMISURU in Yoruba, a Nigerian language. Other foods with anti-oxidants properties which enable cells defend themselves against damage include – peas, spinach, parsley, broccoli, carrots, red peppers, yellow fruits like mango and apricots; cabbage, cherries, grapes, beans, grape fruits and other citrus fruits, tomatoes, pawpaw, green tea, strawberries, water melon, unprocessed wheat, oats, onions, water.
Food scientists at Florida State University, USA, have come up with evidence to show that WATER MELON can be an effective natural medicine for hypertension. When taken everyday, blood pressure is consequently lowered, thereby helping to prevent or control cardiovascular diseases.
You would be amazed at foods that you have readily available that remedy ailments, from Heart Disease to Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Constipation, Reduction of Cholesterol, immunity, Bone problem, yes the list is endless. Poor eyesight, Prostrate, Ulcers and the basic Wounds,Weight Loss and common Colds even Mood swings.
With time good nutrition applied consistently will reduce or eliminate the need for drugs in the treatment of several diseases. Your avocado, bananas, mushrooms, pawpaw, lemons. Peppers and tomatoes, brown rice, water, grapes. Olive oil, peanut, water melon, water, green tea, grapefruit and other citrus fruits. Garlic, ginger and a variety of other foods if integrated into the diet would preserve or heal bodies better than any conventional medical procedures. The key is integrating these into the diet on a consistent basis on the long term.…

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In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan – A Book Review

Title and Author: In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan
Synopsis of Content:
In Defense of Food Michael Pollan has given us the most important book on nutrition in this decade. He strikes back at the deluge of diet books and nutritionalism that has confused Americans now for two generations. He uses science to attack the “science” behind the nutritionalism that has so distorted the American attitude toward food and has left Americans as the most over fed and under nourished in the world.
After poking generous holes in the various theories and diet fads of the past 40+ years Pollan gives us some very decent guidance about what we should be eating and how we should be thinking of food. His fundamental thesis is simple: we should eat food, not too much, and mostly plants. By that he means:
Eat food: the evidence is overwhelming that we should eat food in as natural a state as possible. We should eat whole foods, not processed foods or refined foods. We should eat more like our ancestors of a century or more ago. If you cannot pronounce or do not recognize the ingredients on a package don’t eat it. If there are generally more than five ingredients don’t eat it. If it contains highly processed and refined foods, including grains, sugar and oils, don’t eat it. If your great grandmother would not have recognized it – don’t eat it. Eat everything else. Eat fresh and frozen (but unprocessed) fruits and vegetables. Eat meat that is not processed or filled with hormones, chemicals, etc. There is a bit more to it than that, but that captures the essence of eating “food”.
Not too much: Americans eat on average 700 calories more per day than they did just 50 years ago. We are bigger, fatter, more obese, and have more disease arising from poor nutrition than ever. We have more diabetes, heart disease and cancer from eating junk food. We also have too much fat on our bodies because we exercise too little and eat too much. Portion sizes are too large and our food is more loaded with fats and sweeteners.
Mostly plants: while one does not need to be a vegetarian to eat healthy, the more meat one eats, especially fatty and processed meats, the less healthy we are. Plants provide the healthiest nutrients and the least unnecessary calories for our body if they are fresh and wholesome.
Pollan points out that various ethnic diets, especially in the Mediterranean and Asia are far healthier because they follow these three simple guidelines. The modern American diet, on the other hand, with its processed foods, high fructose corn syrup laden drinks and quickie pizza and burgers is a short road to disease.
Our youth, who have grown up on this diet, and will less exercise than Americans traditionally got, may be the first generation to have a shorter life span than their parents.
Pollan is not a radical. He does not say you have to eat tofu and raw food all day. There are many very healthy, delicious foods that you can and should eat. His indictment is against the highly processed and inadequate foods that dominate our diet today.
This is not the first book to send this message – but Pollan does a very good job as a careful journalist to bring us the facts to support the position he takes. By adhering to the simple guidelines he suggests we can regain health as well as our waistlines. His arguments are compelling as well as reasonable.
Readability/Writing Quality:
This is very well written. He writes in an engaging style and yet provides the footnotes and sources that support his position.
Notes on Author:
Michael Pollan is an accomplished author and journalist and is the Knight Professor of Journalism at UC Berkeley. He writes for NY Times Magazine. He also authored The Omnivore’s Dilemma among others.
Three Great Ideas You Can Use:
1. Eat food that is wholesome, as natural and whole as possible and with as little processing as possible. Stick to the outside of the supermarket, if you must buy food in supermarkets, aiming for in season produce, fresh unprocessed meats and dairy with as little processing as possible. Avoid artificial ingredients and “convenience foods”.
2. Make sure to get exercise every day.
3. Eat slowly and intentionally, and only eat until you are full or nearly full. Reduce the size of portions that are all too common in the Western diet today.
Publication Information:
In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan
(c)2008 by Michael Pollan. Published by Penguin Books. 205 pages not including Sources and Index.
Rating for this Book:
Overall Rating: Excellent
Writing Style: Very Good
Application: Very timely; very applicable.
Technical Difficulty: Moderate…

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Ceramic Hair Straighteners – Fast and Easy

In a few simple easy steps you too can achieve the popular hairstyles of today. The plus side is that this can be accomplished in the comfort of your own home. For the purposes of this point take into consideration the bob. A short hairstyle with simple lines this can be achieved on any hair type and has a vast array of possibilities within its tresses. For instance, this classic cut is perfect for the office. It provides you an air of both professionalism and elegance. We all know that when it comes to our professions, half of success is in how we present and hold ourselves.
The thing of it is that most of us do not have that natural silk hair that falls perfectly into place with this cut. In fact, even on a good day this style can end up looking more like a ‘pouf’ and you like a q-tip if you don’t know how to tame it. In this case, to tame our natural locks we are going to need a straightener. A ceramic hair straightener will be your best option. It will tame your frizz quickly and efficiently with minimal damage leaving your style looking like it was born that way. For those of us who barely have time to shower this is a dream come true.
Not too mention that your ceramic hair straightener will come in to play on the weekend as well. The best thing about the bob is that on Friday night your hair can come out for some fun. With a few swipes and twists of your straightener you will go from chic to spunky, especially with a layered cut. As versatile as this tool is you will be giving it a lot of work. No worries about damage though, for its ceramic plates use infrared heat which practically eliminated fried ends and damaged tresses. It gives a natural shine that leaves your hair looking healthier and more attractive as well.
So you see even everyday Jane’s can achieve that perfect hair that only those with stylists have been able to do. With a ceramic hair straightener we can do it ourselves without the worry of paying a stylist to do it. A tip to the masses though, when using any type of hair styling tool be sure to compensate with some extra conditioner. After putting your hair through a work out it deserves some pampering.…

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Avoid Eating While Driving

Eating is a dangerous distraction while you’re driving. Many people eat while rushing to or from their offices. If you are eating in your vehicle while driving, you are focusing on your food and not on your driving. This may affect your health and life badly.
Now a day, our dinning routine has completely changed. There are many reasons for that. Our lives have become time machines, dull and motorized and we can not even extract a little time to eat our food in a proper manner.
Your rushing schedule doesn’t let you take a healthy, home made diet. Taking fast food at unusual hours to overcome you hunger will bring you an upset stomach. With a disturbed digestive system, you tend to look awful.
Fast food has become the fashion of the day. We prefer to take it though it contains many unhygienic elements.
Your health is in your hand. Your choice of taking low quality food will severely damage your health and eventually your life. That is dangerous.
The best thing is that you should take your meals on their proper times. Quality of food matters a lot. Make a healthy menu of your diet that should contain fresh vegetables and good quality fruits.
Try to take some time out of your busy schedule to learn how to make fresh appetizing green smoothies and vegetable salads. These foods are very good source of energy. You got to try it and you won’t regret when you will find a wonderful taste in them.
You should give a proper time to your body to take hygienic food for good health. You will take time to get used to taking a healthy food, but with your continuity and willpower you will be able to get regularly healthy diet to live an energetic, health and long life.…

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How To Start A Roasted Corn Business

Given the large amount of cash that is spent on our health care system and the research that has gone into the assorted ailments we’d be excused if we predict that there should have the ability to trust our health care system to deliver quality health care. In a examine performed by Tufts University at the New England Medical Heart, among patients with cardiovascular disease, an exercise program was shown to significantly cut back LDL cholesterol and other threat components beyond what’s supplied by drug therapy.\n\nWhile in 2005, 1.5 million new circumstances of diabetes being identified in the United States had been older than 20 years. Diabetes is the sixth leading reason for dying in the United States; it kills around 224,092 Individuals every year. Diabetes in the United States needs to have a look at fastidiously.\n\nWorkers who don’t wash their arms before returning to their work station can unknowingly spread bacteria and other ailments. It’s going to also be useful if you’re uncertain about operating this sort of business and wish to take a look at the waters. Ovens – The health department has no requirements regarding the dimension, kind, or make of oven used in your corporation.\n\nThe pharmaceutical manufacturers and their workers and agents should pay attention to the constraints the Anti-Kickback statute places on the advertising and promoting of products paid for by federal and state health care applications. The Department of Health and Human Companies has promulgated secure harbor rules that defend certain specified arrangements from prosecution underneath the Anti-Kickback Statute.\n\nCondoms usually are not easily obtainable as it is in the United States to be protected against these ailments. Because of this they should record the benefits corresponding to ailments lined, preventive health care, coverage of pharmaceuticals, visit to medical doctors, lab exams.\n\nThough maintaining a healthy diet is necessary, it’s not at all times attainable to get all important nutrients from food alone, thus a supplement is an efficient possibility for certain vitamins and minerals. Alpha lipoic acid, having antioxidant properties, helps attack free radicals that harm the cells of the body.\n\nIndividuals within this health subject capacity will make as little as $8.00 per hour to as much as a salary that is equivalent to $30.00 or more an hour. Most of these careers in health usually require certain coursework that is relative to the work that they will be performing.