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The Theories of Aging

The Theories of Aging

There are several theories of aging. Understanding them will help you to delay or avoid the diseases of old age. Many think that these conditions are a part of “normal aging” and that not much can be done to prevent them from eventually occurring.

Much of the research on aging conducted in recent years says this isn’t the case. Even “normal” aging can be greatly slowed down with the right diet and lifestyle.

According to these theories, the culprits of vary from simple inflammation, mitochondrial damage, telomeres, and even more. These theories of aging are;

1) ‘The Wear and Tear Aging Theory’

Your body simply falling apart due to use right down to the cellular level.

2) ‘The genetic inheritance aging theory’

How long you will live is programmed into your genes from the start. Some people do simply have ‘good’ genes that allow them to deal with the rigors of life, but your genes aren’t in complete control.

3) ‘The Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging’

The hormones that regulate all of your body’s functions. When you’re young, your hormone levels are higher and you have an increased ability to repair and maintain itself.

4) ‘The Free Radical Theory of Aging’

Excess free radicals damage cells and DNA causing damage and premature aging. The damage free radicals cause while fighting infections plays into our next cause of aging, inflammation.

5) ‘The Inflammation Theory of Aging’

Your immune system, while fighting infections, can damage tissue during this fight. This collateral damage builds up, leading to premature aging.

6) ‘The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging’

These cell ‘power plants’ produce energy and free radicals yet lack a defense against the excess free radicals they produce.

7) ‘Telomeres and aging’

Telomeres protect DNA during cell division and get shorter until they can get no shorter. Your DNA can then be damaged, causing aging.

Many believe lengthening your Telomeres will increase the number of times cells can divide and therefore your life. To that end, several researchers are searching for a way to activate the Telomerase enzyme which maintains your telomere length after cell replication.

A recent theory from a Harvard researcher ties most of these theories of aging together in one unified theory. Essentially, shortened telomeres cause cell damage that lead to the repression of a protein vital to the function of mitochondria. As they start to malfunction excess free radicals are produced which then cause damage to molecular DNA. This leads to damaged telomeres at the ends of your DNA starting what has been dubbed the “death spiral”.

An in depth discussion of each of these is an article in itself. Biological theories of aging are varied and no single theory explains everything. It’s a combination of the effects each that contributes to rate you age.

The more you understand the theories of aging, the easier it will be to pick the all right tools for your anti aging tool box.

Your life, make it good, make it last! Christopher Gladden…

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Stimulate Youthful Hormones to Put the Brakes on Aging

Stimulate Youthful Hormones to Put the Brakes on Aging

We all know the signs of aging – loose, saggy skin, a waistline that keeps increasing, loss of muscle tone and lean body mass, wrinkles, fatigue, memory loss, joint stiffness, aches and pains, and an increased risk of disease. A waning of our hormones is a central feature of the degenerative process known as aging that brings with it these unfavorable changes.

We show these signs of aging because our body’s natural production of growth hormone decreases as we get older. This ‘youth’ hormone is responsible for the development of lean body mass, bone density and an efficient metabolism (the body’s engine) that diminishes the body’s fat storing capacity.

Age is not the factor that inhibits the body’s release of this special ‘fitness’ hormone. It has a lot to do with factors within our control such as weight gain, high sugar and high free fatty acids in the blood which reduce the release of this anti aging miracle. No matter our age (whether 30 or 60 years old) we can do a lot every single day to stimulate its continual release.

This tissue building hormone is produced in the pituitary gland located at the base of the skull. It causes growth, repairs and renews cells and tissue, mobilizes fat stores and shifts the metabolism into high gear for the energy of youth. It is a sad fact that our metabolic rate is the final switch that middle age “turns off”, which combines to aggravate the “stored fat”, low energy problem as one gets older.

Our hormonal health has become very big business in recent years, and for good reason. Not only to restore vigor and vitality, but also because the scientific evidence leaves little doubt that the ‘big three’ heart disease, cancer and diabetes are also related to unfavorable changes in hormonal levels.

New research into the hormonal dynamics of exercise reveals that each time you perform muscle building or maintaining exercise; you favorably alter the hormonal environment inside your body. You can easily use proper exercise as a powerful tool to improve your health, wellness and lifestyle performance.

For years fitness experts were only concerned with what happened during an exercise session and ignored the after effects. With new research we now understand how important it is that the exercise session is intense enough to stimulate good hormones which directly impact on whether the body burns fat for energy or stores it long after the exercise session is finished.

But not all exercise activities will give these hormonal benefits. Low intensity walking, jogging or cycling are considered recreational activities and are part of an active lifestyle but cannot meet the muscular requirements that a proper exercise program containing strength training exercise will do.

It might be nice to think that all we need to do to get fit or lose weight means we just go for a walk or do some gardening and if you believe that you will be very disappointed in the results.

Although any exercise is better for your health than none at all it is important if you want to lose weight, transform your body and slow the aging process you will have to invest in strength training exercise. This will engage your muscles and get your ‘youth’ hormones working for you to help you achieve super health, tons of energy, a slim, toned, healthy disease resistant body.…

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3 Effective Therapies for Depression

Depression can manifest in many areas of your life, creating a ripple effect of negativity. It may be necessary to undergo therapy to prevent spiraling deeper into hopelessness. If you are seeking depression treatment San Luis Obispo CA, there are several options available.

Interpersonal Therapy

Key relationships in your life can have a profound effect on your mental health. It is easy to focus on changing others’ behaviors, but you can only change your role in interactions with others. Altering your reactions and communication style will allow you to develop and nurture a substantial support system. During interpersonal therapy, your therapist will help you uncover relational challenges to target and will also provide you with ways you can ease conflict in relationships with your colleagues, friends and family.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Thought patterns can wreak havoc on your well-being if they are consistently negative. Destructive thinking and self-talk will lead to your feeling defeated and can ultimately progress to chronic depression. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) consists of multiple sessions that are structure to reshape your thoughts. Because your behaviors are a result of your thoughts, the goal is to recognize and correct unhelpful patterns, which will help you respond more positively to life events. By learning how to intercept automatic responses, you can reframe your thoughts and control your reactions.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

When experiencing depression, thoughts and emotions can be overwhelming and difficult to control. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) teaches you to sit with intense feelings instead of avoiding them. By becoming more accepting of your feelings, you can learn to regulate them through mindfulness. DBT incorporates coping strategies that place you in control of your emotions so that they don’t dictate how you behave.

It may seem impossible to overcome depression, but professionals can help you find a way out. Take the first step to recovery by talking to your mental health provider about the best treatment plan for you.…

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Benefits of Glocks

If you’ve been thinking about buying a Glock, it is time to learn more about these guns. Here are some of the benefits of this type of pistol.


Many pistols have been manufactured to mediocre standards. They have been manufactured under the premise that automatic weapons were less accurate than revolvers. However, this is not the case when it comes to Glocks. These pistols have unmatched reliability.


Another advantage of this brand is durability. Since the frame is made from polymer, it is not affected by impacts like metal pieces. Unless you like handguns that are excessively bulky, you won’t find another option quite as durable as a Glock. Plus, they don’t weigh as much as those bulky options.


The big trademark advantage is the weight. It’s more like weightlessness. Most models weigh in at just over one pound. Most automatic pistols weigh a good deal more than that. Tiny revolvers can come close, but they lack the other features of the brand.

Grip Shape

The grip shape of a Glock stems from polymer materials and the search for an ergonomic weapon. The use of polymer means that a wooden grip is not needed, and you get a thinner design. It also means no screws, bushings, or worrying about a loose grip.

Low Bore

The rails on this brand are so thin they hardly add any height to your pistol. Plus, there is no bulky hammer to require a higher bore. Instead, the barrel attaches to the ejection port on the slide, so there is barely any material above the barrel. This gives you a lower bore which is easier to conceal.

When choosing a pistol brand, it is important to get one that will last for a long time. The benefits of a Glock make this brand something that everyone should consider.…

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Looking for a private dentist in Nottingham – dos and don’ts

If you’ve been looking for a private dentist, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’ve recently relocated, you may not know anybody else in the area and simply using a search engine may not feel like the best way to find an experienced professional whose care you will rely on for years to come. There can be no doubt about it, dentists are like doctors when it comes to the relationship you build up between you. So, if you don’t want to ask the internet for the best place to go in town, what should you do?


While the internet listing of names in the local area may not be the level of detail you need to get you to meet a new dental practice, don’t rule out the internet completely. Many dental practices have excellent websites that give information about their ethos, as well as the treatments they provide. Many will also give information about the costs of treatments and any practice plans they provide for covering the cost of treatments. You may also find reviews from past patients and check out social media to see if these reviews match up with any comments on other forums.

If you’re relocating, you could ask your current dentist to recommend another dentist in the area you’re moving to. Many dentists have connections across the country from previous employment, training and networking, so it is always worth asking. Alternatively, you may have friends, family or colleagues in the area you are moving to, so try asking for recommendations, as the majority of people will be aware of dental practices in the area and may be keen to recommend theirs! The BDA website will also have information about member dentists in the local area.

Consider what you want from a dentist. You may have different priorities to somebody else. For example, opening hours may be of importance if you need a late night or weekend appointment. You may need to consider the location of the practice, particularly if you rely on public transport – is the practice near a convenient bus or train stop? You may be concerned about the level of training and CPD that the practice has, so checking out the level of experience might be on your to-do list. You may also wish to find out what their cancellation policy is.


If you decide to visit a dental practice, don’t be afraid to view it ahead of booking an appointment. You may wish to go and check if the practice appears presentable, as well as clean and whether or not the staff are friendly and approachable. Don’t be afraid to ask if anybody is trained to help with nervous patients and dental phobia if this applies to you or your family, and while you’re asking questions, gauge how helpful the staff are and how willing they are to spend time putting your mind at ease.

Once you meet your dentist, you should have an initial consultation to discuss any concerns you have about your teeth and again, check how willing your dentist is to spend time with you. Remember that if you’re not sure after this initial consultation, there is nothing to stop you checking out another practice instead.

Taking time to find the right dentist for you should be time well spent; remember that you and your dentist could spend a lot of time together over the years to come, so you might as well make sure that you’ve chosen the dentist you really want and need.

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Things to Know About Spa Treatments

Spa treatments have many benefits, including promoting relaxation, circulation and sleep while slowing aging and encouraging healing. However, you may be nervous about going to the spa. It may surprise you to learn that you are not alone. Many people feel anxious about what spa to choose and how to choose their spa treatments Norfolk VA. These are some things you should know.

Research Local Spas

Each spa offers different services, and some spas offer higher-quality services than others. Therefore, look for a spa that provides the treatments you want. Be sure to check their ratings and references.

Ask Questions

When you are on the phone, booking your appointment, take the opportunity to ask questions. For example, find out how early you should be and how you should prepare for your appointment. You may also discuss the products the spa uses. If you are unfamiliar with the treatments the spa offers, ask for details. When you arrive, you may also ask to tour the facility.

Scheduling Services

Book your appointments early so you are sure to get in when it is convenient for you. Specify whether you want a male or female professional to provide your treatment. Arrive early, at least 20-30 minutes, so you can take advantage of the spa’s amenities. Arriving early will also help you relax and get used to the spa’s atmosphere.

Spa Preparation

Avoid excessive caffeine and food intake on your spa day. If you are uncomfortable or jittery, you may have difficulty relaxing and may not enjoy your treatments. In addition, don’t poke or prod your skin or work on your nails for a few days before your treatments. You could impede your technician’s work if your skin or nails are damaged. In addition, avoid shaving for at least 24 hours if you want exfoliation treatments.

Dress comfortably and bring a change of clothes. You may also pack a swimsuit or gym clothes if you plan to use spa amenities.

With a little preparation, you can enjoy a relaxing, health-promoting day at the spa.…

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Why Door Frame Pull Up Bars Are The Most Versatile Fitness Tool

The easiest way to conduct a proper pull-up is to hang onto a bar with your palms away from you. The next step is to pull yourself up until your chin reaches a bar.

On the other hand, chin-ups mean that your hands and palms will face you, which is not the same as pull-ups.

You should know that this is one of the most challenging exercises, which means you need advanced strength and effort to do it. Simultaneously, it is easier to do a chin-up, which means you should start with this particular exercise first.

By checking here, you can learn the importance of strength exercise for your overall health.

However, you can easily modify the pull-up to reach the desired goals and get all advantages that will help you along the way.

1.Perfect for Strengthening Back Muscles

If you wish to boost your back muscles’ strength and increase their mass, we recommend implementing a doorframe bar to help you out with the process.

They can help you work out all muscles on the back, including:

  • Trapezius – The one goes from both shoulders and to the neck.
  • Latissimus Dorsi – Remember that it is the largest back muscle that runs from mid-backs and reaches the shoulder blade and armpits.
  • Infraspinatus – This particular muscle is essential for shoulder extension, and you will notice it next to the shoulder blade.
  • Thoracic Erector Spinae – Finally, we have to mention three muscles close to the thoracic spine, vital to remember.

As you can see, you will be able to boost your back muscles, help you, keep your posture and prevent complicated issues due to prolonged sitting.

2.Boost the Strength of Shoulder and arm Muscles

Another important consideration we have to mention is that you will increase the strength of the shoulder and arm muscles. As soon as you start doing them properly, you can work both shoulders and forearms, which are essential for numerous aspects of our lives.

In case you wish to improve overall strength in these areas, we recommend you find the right doorframe bar.

Of course, if you cannot do it completely, you can rest assured because hanging from the bar will help you increase the strength, ultimately helping you reach the desired result.

3.Grip Strength

If you wish to lift weights, you will need proper grip strength, which is why you should start with pull-ups as well. Besides, this type of exercise will help you boost performance in various sports, including bowling, rock climbing, tennis, and golf.

Remember that firm grip is essential for everyday life, especially for tasks such as carrying groceries, walking your dog, opening jars, and many more.

The best way to increase your grip is by entering this link: for more info.

4.Boost Overall Fitness Level and Body Strength

Having resistance and strength training will help you handle your fitness levels, which is an essential aspect of overall health. Since you will pull your entire mass, you can increase the muscle mass, speeding up your metabolic rate.

A few studies have shown that strength training is essential for enhancing cardiovascular health and bone development, which you should understand beforehand.

We recommend conducting pull-up exercises at least two to three times weekly to achieve the best results possible.

5.Great for Physical Health

Another important consideration is that you can improve physical health with a proper workout regimen and prevent potential consequences of prolonged sitting. For instance, you can manage type 2 diabetes and reduce visceral fat, which will prevent other problems.

You should know that regular strength exercises could help you reduce back pain and blood pressure, which are common problems with arthritis.

However, we recommend you talk with your doctor before making up your mind to determine whether this particular exercise is safe for your specific condition.

We recommend you to start by finding chin up bars that will help you as a beginner.

6.Perfect for Mental Health

Finally, you should know that regular strength training could help you handle various mental health issues that you are experiencing.

A few studies have suggested that pull-ups can help you reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, cognitive functions and boost self-esteem, which is essential for everyone.…