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Vitamin C Lotion – Looking At Skincare Products Which Are At The Cutting Edge

Vitamin C Lotion – Looking At Skincare Products Which Are At The Cutting Edge

Dr. Hoffer is ninety years old and has been taking large doses of Vitamin C for over half a century. He also recommends it to all his patients but he fears that they are all too well now so his services may not be needed anymore!

What have Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, cherries, broccoli, peppers and oranges all got in common? They are all sources of Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid. That vitamin is essential to maintaining our immune system and is also an important nutrient to help us fight infection. That is why we always take it when we have a cold. It also is a powerful antioxidant and as such can help prevent the free radicals doing too much damage at the cellular level. It is no surprise that a Vitamin C lotion is highly regarded as a solution to aging and wrinkled skin.

It is no accident that these fruits and vegetables are at the heart of healthy diets like the Mediterranean one as they are so rich in antioxidants. That is why processed foods are never able to compete. They are just rubbish in comparison. So what are the other benefits of using a good Vitamin C lotion?

Before we answer that, we should note that Vitamin C lotion must contain the vitamin in a stable form which does not deteriorate when exposed to light and air. Once this barrier has been overcome, the benefits of using a vitamin C lotion on the face and body are enormous. You can solve problems of wrinkles, and age spots and also help moisturize while at the same time help to increase our own supplies of collagen and elastin. The latter are essential for youthful looking skin.

If we really want to get to grips with effective skincare which is at the cutting edge, we should be looking at other innovative ingredients which can work synergetically with Vitamin C so that the whole effect will be more noticeable and we will really begin to see results. The best ingredients which have been developed are those which are totally organic and are as bio available to our skin as possible.

Let me mention some of them here. The first is active manuka honey which is a remarkable antioxidant and has great healing properties. The second is X-tend TK which is a functional type of keratin which can get collagen going again because it is solubilized and is as close to our skin’s molecular structure as possible. The third one is avocado oil which again is a powerful antioxidant but has great moisturizing capacities.

These then are the best ingredients to work in unison in a good Vitamin C lotion. You will find that very few products have the above ingredients and the reason is mainly an economical one. Fortunately that expense has been halved in that this company have spent much less on advertising so that the benefits can be passed to the consumers. Why not check this one out? Once you do you will soon understand what is meant by cutting edge skincare.…

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Choosing the Best Anti Aging Face Cream

Choosing the Best Anti Aging Face Cream

Choosing the best anti aging face cream is difficult. In the world of beauty, the face is the upfront compared to all other human body parts. Being so, it is mostly exposed making it conducive for pollution causing skin problems and the like in due time. Thus it has to be well taken care of to keep fresh and clean to show off the best of your face. However, aging is a fact of life. As much as we would like to stay young, our face can tell so. While most individual accept that, many are still anxious on how to cover their age.

Today, so many products have been introduced in the market particularly anti aging face cream. Offering beauty improvement is their key point. But, what is good for you may not be good for the other. While this is true because every person has different skin type with different skin needs, but it is still worth trying.

In choosing which best anti aging face cream to use, it is important to understand first your skin type and what skin problem you want to work on. Because the best anti aging face cream for you will depend on your specific needs and what you desire to achieve.

Commonly, the best anti aging face cream are those with sun protection of at least 15% SPF and Cosmeceutical. Some ingredients must also be considered like Antioxidants which can help reduce the signs of aging and help repair damaged skin. Another ingredient is Hyalunoric acid, it help stimulate collagen growth, which prevents the skin from sagging and helps the skin stay firm.

Most companies usually create different type of creams apt to meet individual’s skin care needs. You can also try out two products with chemical formulas designed to work together. In most cases, using the two products from the same company have more success results.

Be cautious of the anti aging cream you apply on your face. Read labels and instructions to guide you on how to use. If you think you did not get the result you wanted on the prescribe period as promised, consult a skin care expert for advice. This will cost you penny but their advice will save you in the long run making you wiser in choosing the best anti aging face cream products to use. Careful not to over use, after all anti aging cream is simply to reduce the signs of aging but not to eliminate the process of aging itself.…

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Natural Skin Care – 3 Anti Aging Ingredients That Eliminate Wrinkles and Aging Signs

Natural Skin Care – 3 Anti Aging Ingredients That Eliminate Wrinkles and Aging Signs

Natural skin care is becoming more and more popular as more men and women discover that it is the only way to keep your skin looking beautiful and young until old age. You can eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots and other aging signs by giving your body and skin what it needs.

It’s not enough to just use any skin care product today. You have to live a healthy lifestyle, which means eating a healthy diet, exercising and even participating in activities that reduce stress, such as yoga or meditation.

With all that said, there are a lot of good anti aging products out there that are completely free from harmful ingredients and only contain proven effective substances, these are the ones you want to look for. Here are three ingredients that I have found to be among the best available today:

1. Cynergy TK is the closest thing to a miracle ingredient according to clinical trials and people that have used it. It is derived from New Zealand sheep’s wool. Now, before you tell me that’s crazy, hear me out. I’ve done extensive research on Cynergy TK and have been using it for a long time myself and I can testify that it is extremely effective, so you might want to check it out.

2. Kaolin is an ingredient that I am in love with, because it is a special extract from New Zealand clay, which helps absorb grime and oil from your skin. It heals inflammation, blemishes and in general makes your skin look fresh and clean. It is an excellent ingredient in a natural deep active cleansing mask.

3. Jojoba Oil is very moisturizing and its ability to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and aging signs is remarkable. However, you should make sure to only use a 100% natural skin care product line that contains jojoba oil, because otherwise the effects aren’t really worth it. Recent research has found that many skin care products on the market today contain ingredients that cause rashes, inflammation, cancer and even premature aging.…

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The Power of Anti Aging Natural Products Cannot Be Beat

The Power of Anti Aging Natural Products Cannot Be Beat

Anything against the nature is bound to be harmful as well as short-lived. Same is true for an anti aging product. With more and more people becoming conscious of their looks, the market is flooded with plethora of anti aging products. It can be very difficult to judge which product is best for you, where advertisements and tall claims add to the confusion. Even if such products containing chemical extracts claim to have great effects, an anti aging natural product is a healthier choice. Let’s see why.

Aging itself is a natural process. Thus using an anti aging natural product will have a complementary effect on your skin. Aging of skin is characterized by wrinkles, which are nothing but folds or creases that appear on the skin. This happens because our skin is no longer able to perform normal activity of shedding dead cells and replacing them with new ones. Thus dead cells do not get removed on time, consequently new cells do not replace them. This leads to formation of wrinkles and dark spots.

Over the years people have become aware of the harmful effects of chemicals such as retinol, paraffin and fragrances used in many anti wrinkle products. This has led them to opt for anti aging natural products. The advantage is that, being natural such products do not have any side-effects. Also, natural ingredients gel much better with our skin, promoting growth and rejuvenation the natural way.

You may have read different recipes to be made and applied on your face to get rid of wrinkles. However, with most of us getting hardly any time, it’s impossible to make these face masks and cleansers at home, leave alone apply it. Why go through the hassle of making solutions at home, when you can get same ingredients in anti aging natural products?

Advancements in science and technology have made it possible to manufacture grandmother’s home remedies into powerful anti wrinkle products. These are completely natural and available for all skin types. Once in your 40s you obviously cannot go back to your 30s. However, using an anti aging product containing natural substances is sure to hide your age better than loads of make-up.…

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The 5 Minute Guide to AHA Anti Aging Skin Care Products

The 5 Minute Guide to AHA Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Effects of products containing AHAs

AHAs is an abbreviation for Alpha-hydroxy acids, also termed fruit acids in the beauty industry. This is one ingredient that definitely has effects – its has been proven to have an exfoliation effect on the top layer of skin (1).

The benefits for consumers are mostly touted as improvement in the skins texture, colour (sometimes paraphrased as ‘glow’), unclogged pores. Beauty writer Paula Begoiun also reckons using products containing AHAs may lead to better uptake of moisturisers (2).

How does it work?

The exfoliation effect on the outermost layer dead skin cells results in increased cellular activity. Dead cells at the ‘top’ of skin are exfoliated due to reaction with the AHA. This means new cells from deeper within the epidermis make it to the surface at a greater ‘turnover rate’ than normal. Et voila – you have both the effect and the advertising copy around ‘cellular renewal’.

There are 5 types of Alpha-hydroxy acids, probably the most common is glycolic acid. Anti aging products containing AHAs are likely to have a concentration of 5-10% (although check the label – if the percentage is listed!).

Use-at-home products aren’t the only application for AHAs – there are also professional treatments using high concentrations (say 70% or more). Dubbed the ‘chemical peel’ in the press, it should rejuvenate skin. It has potentially immediate effects, such as temporary skin reddening and really is something a trained professional should administer. It can also have a few odd side effects, such as making cold sores (Herpes Simplex 1) flare up in susceptible individuals. How good is it? The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (3) are refreshingly down to earth on this one, stating clearly it won’t give you “25 year old skin” at 50, but it should help skin look, well, rejuvenated.


You’ll note the mention of temporary redness under side effects for the professional version. Redness is generally found in medical textbooks as a cardinal sign of inflammation. The skin is undergoing an inflammatory reaction and may well be achieving its ‘plumped’ up look via the same mechanism providing the concentration is adequate in over-the-counter isn’t a secret in the beauty industry, but the effects of long term use are not studied as yet (4).

Important Disclaimer: NONE of the above advice can be a substitute for medical or professional skin care advice – please only consult qualified general medical and/ or dermatology physicians for serious skin complaints.

References (where [online] these are linked from our site):

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2. Begoiun, P. (2004). The Complete Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide To Smart Beauty. Rodale. P.99.

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4. American Food and Drug Administration. (2009). The Office of Women’s Health Scientific Research Program: Abstracts. [online] Washington: Department of Health and Human Services.…

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How Mental Health Affects Your Relationships

Mental health is a menace in society today. Various forms of mental health have surfaced, causing significant strain on individuals. Common cognitive problems include generalized anxiety disorder, depressive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. These issues can have a considerable impact on your social life. Here are ways mental health will affect your relationships.

Intimacy Issues

Relationships thrive on intimacy. Unfortunately, mental issues will deny you the chance to be intimate with your partner. This condition could make you disinterested in sex because of treatment or a mental problem. For instance, anti-depressants are associated with low libido. Continuous ingestion of these drugs means that you will hardly want to have sex.

At the same time, various mental issues can affect how you view sex. For instance, generalized anxiety disorder could make you significantly anxious whenever you want to have sex—sexual performance anxiety results in poor intimacy. Suppose you suffer from low self-esteem. In this case, you’ll not want to engage in sex for fear of poor performance.

Erratic behavior could also compromise your intimate life. No one would be willing to engage in sex with an individual who appears angry, agitated, or annoyed. In such instances, you might blame your partner for various unwarranted reasons, pushing them even further. Your intimate life will be a nightmare unless you can handle this issue.

The Emergence of Codependent Behaviors

Codependency is when one person needs another, who needs to be needed. It is a circular relationship that could significantly affect your social life. Ideally, this arrangement is imbalances, and it encourages one partner to engage in destructive behavior or tendencies. These tendencies could substantially affect the entire relationship.

A codependent individual has issues articulating their emotions, making it hard to relate with other people. This person might also want to please everyone, sacrifice their personal needs for others, and remain loyal to a fault. All these elements make it hard to build a meaningful relationship or social life in the long run.

In most cases, codependency is enabled by a partner who is not sick. This partner allows the other to act in ways that undermine the relationship without warning them. Encouraging their behavior can only worsen the situation. Remember, a partner to a mentally ill person might start deriving their self-worth from how much they are needed or if they can take care of their loved ones. In turn, they are forced into uncomfortable positions.

According to Dr. Jason Campbell, a mental health expert, codependency will often result in abusive and manipulative behavior. Name-calling and other unhealthy dynamics will also emerge. It will put a strain on one partner, in the long run, ending the relationship.


Mental issues could force an individual to withdraw from family and friends. You could attribute this to a significant dip in self-esteem. Withdrawing from friends, family, and loved ones means that they cannot sustain relationships for a long time.

At the same time, this patient might feel ashamed, guilty, and embarrassed about their condition. In turn, they will want to push people away from them. This will significantly frustrate their partners, as they will not be in a position to help or understand them better.

Various mental issues, including depression, could make an individual emotionally unavailable. This person will struggle to maintain the relationship, communication, and intimacy. Unfortunately, they will give up and start resenting their partners at some point.

Financial Struggles

Mental issues take a toll on one’s productivity. That means they will hardly have a job, resulting in financial constraints. Such financial conditions are attributed to causing relationship issues. In conclusion, mental issues will strain your relationships significantly. It would be best to get adequate medical attention on time.…

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Why Women Will Not Build Large Muscles From Weight Training

Why Women Will Not Build Large Muscles From Weight Training

Many women confess that they have stayed away from weights and resistance training because of their fear of building a large amount of muscle, resulting in body definition like that of a body builder. However, there are a few aspects that play a role in how your body will react to this type of exercise, which, normally, do not allow women to “bulk up”.

In comparison to men, women are generally weaker because their bodies carry a lesser amount of muscle, but the muscles themselves are just as strong and are comprised of the same physiological qualities. Even though the muscle composition is the same, hormone levels and genetic makeup differ between men and women. Men have much higher testosterone levels which allow men to develop larger muscles. Because women have about 1/10 of the amount of testosterone found in men, their muscles tend to grow on a much smaller scale.

Women that do develop significantly larger muscles usually participate in a very intense strength training program, which is not necessary or required for the average woman to become stronger and improve health. The genetic makeup of these women influences muscle growth as well. Typically, those with shorter limbs are able to lift heavier weight because of the smaller distance between the weight and the joint being used. Also, longer muscles have a greater potential for larger development, and individuals with a higher number of fast twitch muscle fibers are more likely to be increase strength and muscle size.

Each individual is different and some women do have the genetic and biomechanical factors to build large muscles. However, without a vigorous resistance training program or abnormally high levels of testosterone, this is not likely to happen.

Along with becoming physically stronger, there are many health benefits from performing strength training exercises, including body fat loss, increased metabolism, and the prevention of osteoporosis, which are extremely important to women as they age. A resistance training program is essential and should be established as a part of a healthy lifestyle.…