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Vitamin C Lotion – Looking At Skincare Products Which Are At The Cutting Edge

Vitamin C Lotion – Looking At Skincare Products Which Are At The Cutting Edge

Dr. Hoffer is ninety years old and has been taking large doses of Vitamin C for over half a century. He also recommends it to all his patients but he fears that they are all too well now so his services may not be needed anymore!

What have Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, cherries, broccoli, peppers and oranges all got in common? They are all sources of Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid. That vitamin is essential to maintaining our immune system and is also an important nutrient to help us fight infection. That is why we always take it when we have a cold. It also is a powerful antioxidant and as such can help prevent the free radicals doing too much damage at the cellular level. It is no surprise that a Vitamin C lotion is highly regarded as a solution to aging and wrinkled skin.

It is no accident that these fruits and vegetables are at the heart of healthy diets like the Mediterranean one as they are so rich in antioxidants. That is why processed foods are never able to compete. They are just rubbish in comparison. So what are the other benefits of using a good Vitamin C lotion?

Before we answer that, we should note that Vitamin C lotion must contain the vitamin in a stable form which does not deteriorate when exposed to light and air. Once this barrier has been overcome, the benefits of using a vitamin C lotion on the face and body are enormous. You can solve problems of wrinkles, and age spots and also help moisturize while at the same time help to increase our own supplies of collagen and elastin. The latter are essential for youthful looking skin.

If we really want to get to grips with effective skincare which is at the cutting edge, we should be looking at other innovative ingredients which can work synergetically with Vitamin C so that the whole effect will be more noticeable and we will really begin to see results. The best ingredients which have been developed are those which are totally organic and are as bio available to our skin as possible.

Let me mention some of them here. The first is active manuka honey which is a remarkable antioxidant and has great healing properties. The second is X-tend TK which is a functional type of keratin which can get collagen going again because it is solubilized and is as close to our skin’s molecular structure as possible. The third one is avocado oil which again is a powerful antioxidant but has great moisturizing capacities.

These then are the best ingredients to work in unison in a good Vitamin C lotion. You will find that very few products have the above ingredients and the reason is mainly an economical one. Fortunately that expense has been halved in that this company have spent much less on advertising so that the benefits can be passed to the consumers. Why not check this one out? Once you do you will soon understand what is meant by cutting edge skincare.