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Things to Know About Spa Treatments

Spa treatments have many benefits, including promoting relaxation, circulation and sleep while slowing aging and encouraging healing. However, you may be nervous about going to the spa. It may surprise you to learn that you are not alone. Many people feel anxious about what spa to choose and how to choose their spa treatments Norfolk VA. These are some things you should know.

Research Local Spas

Each spa offers different services, and some spas offer higher-quality services than others. Therefore, look for a spa that provides the treatments you want. Be sure to check their ratings and references.

Ask Questions

When you are on the phone, booking your appointment, take the opportunity to ask questions. For example, find out how early you should be and how you should prepare for your appointment. You may also discuss the products the spa uses. If you are unfamiliar with the treatments the spa offers, ask for details. When you arrive, you may also ask to tour the facility.

Scheduling Services

Book your appointments early so you are sure to get in when it is convenient for you. Specify whether you want a male or female professional to provide your treatment. Arrive early, at least 20-30 minutes, so you can take advantage of the spa’s amenities. Arriving early will also help you relax and get used to the spa’s atmosphere.

Spa Preparation

Avoid excessive caffeine and food intake on your spa day. If you are uncomfortable or jittery, you may have difficulty relaxing and may not enjoy your treatments. In addition, don’t poke or prod your skin or work on your nails for a few days before your treatments. You could impede your technician’s work if your skin or nails are damaged. In addition, avoid shaving for at least 24 hours if you want exfoliation treatments.

Dress comfortably and bring a change of clothes. You may also pack a swimsuit or gym clothes if you plan to use spa amenities.

With a little preparation, you can enjoy a relaxing, health-promoting day at the spa.…

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Green Tea: The Benefits It Offers To Your Health

Nowadays, there is the proliferation of health drinks in many stores but there is no product that is at par with green tea with regards to the health benefits it affords the body. Many people have already recognized its effects to health such as providing substances to restore affliction, helping preserve good health, and stopping them from recurring complaints.
There have been positive things written in black and white about this fantastic type of tea. These are found in leading magazines and product reviews online boasting about the benefits of this product when taken habitually. Some studies made on this type of tea have revealed that it helps fight cancer because of its substance called Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which thwarts the cancer cells from multiplying. In addition to this, there are still other amazing benefits this product has to offer.
Green tea has been recognized to combat the effects of the highly-feared illness HIV, which is an achievement in the field of medicine. If you want to flaunt shining white teeth to everyone without wasting your money on costly teeth whiteners, or even paying expensive fees for a visit to the dentist for their services, consuming it on a regular basis can easily do the trick.
Green tea can be a helpful partner for those who have the desire to reduce weight and bring back their body to its original slim shape. It helps to achieve the desired body size and keep the abdominal area free of unwanted fats. This is easily accomplished because green tea functions as a weight loss tea by increasing metabolism which burns up fats quickly and easily turns it into usable energy. The immediate outcome cannot be readily noticed right away, but the effort to trim down the extra weight together with daily workouts will not be wasted as the most wanted result can be seen in time.
There have also been scientific investigations done on this product which demonstrates that it is helpful in the fight against heart attack by decreasing the amount of bad cholesterol inside the body. Just like coffee, it possesses the substance caffeine with the helpful antioxidants that slows down the process of aging. Caffeine also enhances energy level to push the body to perform at its highest peak. It detoxifies and cleans the body from harmful toxins allowing fast exit from the body’s excretion system.
Green tea is now considered by many persons as one of the healthiest drinks today. Therefore, consider yourself healthy by consuming at least one cup of tea daily.…

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The Importance Of Protein And Protein Supplements

If we consider the growing teenager, and any parent will attest to the fact that teenagers can eat you out of house and home most times, the need for essential foods, nutrients and vitamins cannot be overstated within these developmental years. This naturally extends into adulthood and more so when leading a more active lifestyle. The problem is within adulthood, our appetite may not be the same as that of a teenager, and couple this with busy and fast paced lifestyles, the need for such protein supplements becomes so much more apparent and necessary.
Now the real importance of proteins, and protein supplements for those that are lacking a suitable intake thereof are found within their very function. This function varies and is diverse within our complex bodies to say the least. One of the reasons as to why protein supplements are so popular amongst athletes and fitness buffs is based upon the fact that one of their key functions is the transportation of vitamins, minerals and oxygen to cells throughout the body, whilst maintaining acid and base balances and fluid balances in the body, whilst acting as hormones, enzymes and antibodies too. Is the picture of how important proteins and protein supplements and their function becoming clearer? It should be considering these are only a fraction of what their functions and roles in our human bodies.
Furthermore consider the fact that proteins extend into structural proteins, responsible for bones, teeth, hair, skin and tissue structure, and then motor proteins which actually use energy within physical activity and mechanical work in the body. This fact is what makes the use of protein supplements so widely popular within the bodybuilding communities, and with an often suppressed appetite or the lack of availability of high protein foods products such as whey protein and related products make for an ideal source of this vital component that our bodies require.
Having already highlighted the functions of protein within the human body, it is no wonder that these supplemental products extend into the medical world, whereby a range of conditions and diseases are being effectively treated. These range from issues such as malnutrition to muscle degenerative conditions, as well as some related conditions such as alcoholism and so forth. One of the main reasons both within the medical world and the fitness and bodybuilding communities is based upon the purity of the supplemental products, as well as the rate at which it is digested, which has been proven to be unequal to any other.…

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Why Door Frame Pull Up Bars Are The Most Versatile Fitness Tool

The easiest way to conduct a proper pull-up is to hang onto a bar with your palms away from you. The next step is to pull yourself up until your chin reaches a bar.

On the other hand, chin-ups mean that your hands and palms will face you, which is not the same as pull-ups.

You should know that this is one of the most challenging exercises, which means you need advanced strength and effort to do it. Simultaneously, it is easier to do a chin-up, which means you should start with this particular exercise first.

By checking here, you can learn the importance of strength exercise for your overall health.

However, you can easily modify the pull-up to reach the desired goals and get all advantages that will help you along the way.

1.Perfect for Strengthening Back Muscles

If you wish to boost your back muscles’ strength and increase their mass, we recommend implementing a doorframe bar to help you out with the process.

They can help you work out all muscles on the back, including:

  • Trapezius – The one goes from both shoulders and to the neck.
  • Latissimus Dorsi – Remember that it is the largest back muscle that runs from mid-backs and reaches the shoulder blade and armpits.
  • Infraspinatus – This particular muscle is essential for shoulder extension, and you will notice it next to the shoulder blade.
  • Thoracic Erector Spinae – Finally, we have to mention three muscles close to the thoracic spine, vital to remember.

As you can see, you will be able to boost your back muscles, help you, keep your posture and prevent complicated issues due to prolonged sitting.

2.Boost the Strength of Shoulder and arm Muscles

Another important consideration we have to mention is that you will increase the strength of the shoulder and arm muscles. As soon as you start doing them properly, you can work both shoulders and forearms, which are essential for numerous aspects of our lives.

In case you wish to improve overall strength in these areas, we recommend you find the right doorframe bar.

Of course, if you cannot do it completely, you can rest assured because hanging from the bar will help you increase the strength, ultimately helping you reach the desired result.

3.Grip Strength

If you wish to lift weights, you will need proper grip strength, which is why you should start with pull-ups as well. Besides, this type of exercise will help you boost performance in various sports, including bowling, rock climbing, tennis, and golf.

Remember that firm grip is essential for everyday life, especially for tasks such as carrying groceries, walking your dog, opening jars, and many more.

The best way to increase your grip is by entering this link: for more info.

4.Boost Overall Fitness Level and Body Strength

Having resistance and strength training will help you handle your fitness levels, which is an essential aspect of overall health. Since you will pull your entire mass, you can increase the muscle mass, speeding up your metabolic rate.

A few studies have shown that strength training is essential for enhancing cardiovascular health and bone development, which you should understand beforehand.

We recommend conducting pull-up exercises at least two to three times weekly to achieve the best results possible.

5.Great for Physical Health

Another important consideration is that you can improve physical health with a proper workout regimen and prevent potential consequences of prolonged sitting. For instance, you can manage type 2 diabetes and reduce visceral fat, which will prevent other problems.

You should know that regular strength exercises could help you reduce back pain and blood pressure, which are common problems with arthritis.

However, we recommend you talk with your doctor before making up your mind to determine whether this particular exercise is safe for your specific condition.

We recommend you to start by finding chin up bars that will help you as a beginner.

6.Perfect for Mental Health

Finally, you should know that regular strength training could help you handle various mental health issues that you are experiencing.

A few studies have suggested that pull-ups can help you reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, cognitive functions and boost self-esteem, which is essential for everyone.…

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Health Facts

Is Butter Really The Best Choice?

Go to the supermarket, almost any supermarket, and you’ll be bombarded with butter substitutes that claim to be the healthier alternative to real are these butter substitutes actually better for you than the real stuff?
Of course, too much of a good thing is usually bad, but real, natural butter in moderation is much better than the highly processed, chemical concoction masquerading as the “Healthier” alternative. You may not know this (although you probably do) but margarine and other butter substitutes are actually made up of refined, hydrogenated oils which means: trans fats!
Butter, on the other hand, is made up of butterfat, water, and a small amount of milk protein. Butterfat is butyric acid which is basically the same substance produced by nursing mothers.
Butter contains:
-Beta-carotene – A precursor to Vitamin-A.
-Selenium – an important antioxidant trace mineral.
-Vitamin-E – A powerful immune-booster, antioxidant, and heart tonic which has been shown to improve circulation, promote skin health, and reduce inflammation.
-Vitamin-K – A fat soluble vitamin necessary for proper blood clotting and bone health.
-Iodine – An essential mineral particularly for thyroid health and metabolism.
-Vitamin D – A cancer-fighting, immune-boosting, bone building vitamin needed for proper calcium absorption.
-Lecithin – Is a phospholipid used to emulsify fat and has been shown to reduce cholesterol.
-Conjugated Linoleic Acids – fight cancer, boost immune strength, and build muscle.
-Butyric Acid – Has been shown to support colon health.
-Lauric Acid – Is a medium-chain fatty acid that boosts resistance to yeasts.
Some people may be concerned with all the fat and cholesterol found in butter and other dairy products…personally, I’d rather eat the saturated fat in real butter than the trans-fats in fake butter. It appears that saturated fats have been falsely demonized by drug companies, the manufacturers of Statins which are used to lower cholesterol – unfortunately, they also lower levels of Co enzyme Q10 and interfere with the body’s production of this vital enzyme (but this is a story for another time).
In the May 2010 issue of The Lancet, scientists point out the facts about cholesterol, saturated fats, and heart disease mortality. It actually turns out that the countries which consume diets with the highest amount of fats have lower death rates from heart disease than the countries with lower fat consumption. For example; the French consume twice as much saturated fat that the Finns, yet the heart-related death rate is three times higher in Finland.
Did you know that fats are essential to life… the body can’t live without fat. As confirmed by live-blood microscopy analysis, without enough fat consumption, the cells begin to burst! Cell membranes are composed of fat and without adequate consumption of fats, they can’t maintain their structure and they burst.
Just like everything else, organic butter from grass-fed cows is best. Not only does organic butter taste better and contain higher amounts and a wider array of nutrients, organic butter has that added benefit of containing no toxic pesticide residues, nor antibiotics, nor growth hormones. In fact, non-organic butter has been ranked by the Pesticide Action Network of North America as one of the top 10 foods most contaminated with persistent organic pollutants (POP’s).
So, be sure to reach for that stick of real, organic butter and ditch the fake butter substitutes. While you’re at it, check out my list of the Top 10 Healthiest Foods Today!…

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Men'S Health

Feeding Your Bearded Dragon

Your new bearded dragon pet requires a nutritious, well-balanced diet in order to grow healthy and strong. It is important to offer both insects and fresh greens, since bearded dragons are omnivores. As a baby, the lizard will only eat insects and should be fed insects that are soft-bodied and the proper size. To prevent choking, the young lizard should only be offered insects that are no larger than the space between its eyes. Small crickets make excellent feeders because their bodies are relatively soft and easy to digest.
Between 2-4 months of age, your bearded dragon needs to eat a diet that consists primarily of 80% protein (live insect feeders) and 20% fresh greens. As it gets older, you can incorporate more and more greens into the diet.
The best fresh foods for the bearded dragon are those that have a high calcium:phosphorous ratio.
These include:
*Collard greens
*Mustard greens
*Turnip greens
Bearded dragons are attracted to the colors yellow and red. For this reason, it is best to mix in a few shredded carrots or sweet potatoes to inspire the lizard to eat the healthy greens.
You may also feed yellow squash, dandelion leaves, and zucchini. All vegetables should be chopped up finely.
Fruit can be offered, but should be used sparingly. Stick to non-citrus fruits like apples, blueberries, and grapes.
There are also commercial pellets available for bearded dragons. They are safe, but are not recommended for the best long-term care. Unless you are unable to provide fresh foods, try to avoid using pellets.
The protein part of your bearded dragon’s diet may consist of the following live feeders:
*Crickets (these are the most popular feeders because of their protein / fat ratio as well as body-type)
*Mealworms (not as nutritious and harder to digest)
*Waxworms (use sparingly, as they have a high fat content)
*Dubia roaches
*Pinky mice
The more variety you can include in the bearded dragon diet, the better.
Don’t underestimate the necessity of calcium supplements and multivitamins either. The vegetables as well as the live feeders must be dusted with a calcium supplement for each and every meal. The risks associated with Metabolic Bone Disease are not worth aggravating. Once a week, dust with a multivitamin.
Consider alternating from protein (live feeders) to fresh greens every other day. For example, if you fed crickets today, feed veggies tomorrow. This ensures that your pet is nutritionally balanced.
Be sure to provide a water bowl that you replenish with new water each day. A spray bottle can also be used to mist the vegetables with water, giving additional hydration.…

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Avoiding the Exercise Plateau

When it comes to exercising, maintaining the same workout program day in and day out can not only become boring and monotonous, but will also most likely lead to that dreaded seven letter word that sends chills up an avid exerciser’s spine… exercise PLATEAU. The human body will respond in positive ways to a new stimulus such as exercise because it’s naturally prepping itself to cope with higher workloads through a process known as adaptation. Exercise PLATEAU is when the body no longer adapts or changes to the force being applied because it no longer recognizes the activity as a new stimulus. The key to avoiding this PLATEAU is to create an exercise program filled with variety. Our bodies are fine tuned machines that quickly become accustomed to the things we do. By incorporating an assortment of exercises, programs, intensity levels, and training methods our body in constantly in this adaptive phase.
 One way to add variety to your cardiovascular training is to cross train. If you are someone that always uses the treadmill, try another cardio machine or better yet, an aerobic class that integrates lateral and multi-directional movements. The drills involved with a boot camp class or the kicks involved in a cardio kickboxing class are sure to target muscles that are not activated by running. Another way to alter your cardiovascular workout is to train at different intensity levels. Familiarize yourself with your target heart rate(THR) and use this formula to find the intensity level that is right for you and your training goals.  Instead of keeping a steady pace for a 30-40 minute duration jog at 55% of your THR, try a shorter 25 minute workout at 75-80% of your THR. Don’t forget to utilize the incline option on the cardio machines to add intensity or add intermittent sprint stages to keep your body guessing.
When it comes to weight lifting, it is important to remember the overload principle. This principle states that fitness improvements are made only when workloads are greater than those normally encountered. Remember increasing the workload includes more than just lifting heavier weight. You can also amplify the work load by increasing the rate at which you are doing the work and by altering the sets and reps to adjust the total training volume. If you regularly perform 15 repetitions, try performing 10 reps at a higher weight for a couple weeks.
Another variation is to train your muscles using isometric contraction versus isotonic contraction. Isotonic contraction is what typically comes to mind when we think of weight training. It is when the muscle length changes throughout the duration of the exercise (picture a bicep curl). Isometric training is the static contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint (picture holding the bicep curl at the midpoint for a duration of time). While holding a contracted position for a period of time, these muscles are forced to contract continuously which causes your body to activate more and more motor units to help sustain this contraction. This increased activation can lead to strength gains and a more efficient muscle.
Additional training methods that might change up your workout are super sets (when two opposing muscle groups are worked in sequence with no rest periods in between) or compound sets (when the same muscle group is worked continuously with no rest in between). Circuit training is another great addition to any bland workout program. Circuit training is a high intensity, fast paced workout designed to keep your heart rate elevated (like a cardiovascular workout) while incorporating strength training elements. Not only is circuit training a great and time efficient workout, but by rotating from station to station with little to no rest in between, you are maximizing the total calorie expenditure.
When it comes to exercise, a regular routine is something that should be avoided in some sense. Once the body practices the same routine time after time, it grows more proficient at executing the movements therefore it requires less energy to perform them. Keeping your workout program filled with variety will aid in avoiding the exercise PLATEAU and assist with “keeping the body on it’s proverbial toes.” This method will also reduce the risk of burnout. Let’s face your body becomes bored, your mind is soon to follow.…