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Acupuncture Nutrition – A Complete Health Package

Acupuncture and Nutrition go hand in hand. A perfect balance of the two can ensure lasting benefits. Injuries happen to everyone and healing takes time depending on the treatment process. The body needs the right amount of nutrients to get back to normal shape. It is scientifically proven that Vitamins A and C assist in injury healing. Zinc and copper can speed up the healing process. Apart from this a balanced fat diet can promote healing and also aid in controlling inflammation. Choosing the right acupuncture diet supplement is vital for enhancing your treatment. A professional and licensed acupuncture nutritionist will tell you what type of diet would go well with your injury or your health condition.
There is no doubt that acupuncture is an alternative medicine that can give immediate relief from your health related problems. A well balanced acupuncture and nutrition diet can support your treatment. Herbal diet has far reaching effects and hence it is widely practiced world over. Before starting acupuncture treatment, the practitioner may ask you to take herbal supplements to enhance the healing process. Nutritional diet does not have any side effects though it is wise to alert your acupuncture nutritionist of your allergies to food types and herbal medicines. Certain types of food that are not suitable for your body type has to be avoided and the nutritionist will provide a chart on the dos and don’ts. The nutrients help to build body defense system making you stronger and fit to fight any kind of ailments. Moreover it gives quick relief from pain.
Always look for clinics that offer customized programs to suit your health history. Chinese nutrition is completely different from western nutrition. Normally in the west aspects like vitamins, proteins, fat, minerals are given importance. But in Chinese nutrition the energy effects a particular food can offer to the body is analyzed and a diet program is prescribed. Before starting Chinese medicine, the practitioner provides nutritional counseling that can help learn about your health condition. There is always a treatment plan and the practitioner works accordingly. Preliminary tests are conducted to learn about the disorder and then a treatment plan is devised. Depending on the individual’s condition a treatment program is chalked out.
Acupuncture improves blood circulation in the body by stimulating specific points in the body. Poor circulation can result in stagnation of blood which means the energy or chi is not distributed throughout the body leading to health disorders. Acupuncture ensures that the flow of energy is unhindered thereby the energy is equal throughout your body. Each pressure point has a specific function and when this point is activated it can yield the desired results. Acupuncture can help patients with chronic inflammation that is triggered due to nutrient deficiencies. Acupuncture diet can help eliminate inflammation and improve the digestive functions by increasing nutrient absorption. Acupuncture can also improve muscle tone and balances emotional responses. Poor nutrition cannot control inflammation despite having the best of medicines. A balance of nutrition and diet can help eliminate your health issues.…

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High Blood Pressure In Kids

High blood pressure has been an recurring national health complication for decades. Even more than 1/3 of all adults in the United States have high blood pressure as well as most do not also know it since there are no symptoms.

If hypertension is not treated, it can cause serious health concerns such as stroke, heart disease, kidney condition, as well as also eye concerns.

It’s amazing by having all the tons of bucks spent urging males as well as females of the dangers of high blood pressure that so lots of seem unconcerned about it. Also more disheartening is that the incidence of high blood pressure in little ones is on the rise. This has actually taken place mainly in the last ten years as well as is mainly due to more as well as more children being overweight or heavy.

A main cause for the lack of interest among numerous people with high blood pressure is that they carry out not visit the doctor on a routine basis. Maybe they can not manage to. Maybe they do not have the time. Potentially they’re afraid of physicians.

Whatever the reason, the only way to dependably recognize if the youngster has high blood pressure is to have her blood pressure checked by a specialist or health care company. It’s simple, it takes almost no time, and it’s crucial to do.

Also though heredity plays a major part in the simplicity at which someone establishes hypertension, there are things that we all are able to carry out to reduce the possibility that our childrens obtain it or to help reduce it once they carry out have it.

It all starts by having diet. If your children is a fast food junkie, she’s going to need to transform her meanses. One of the reasons that many reduced earnings folks tend to have higher blood pressures is they tend to eat more fast foods – because fast foods are comparatively economical. However fast foods are commonly loaded with fats as well as salt – the two primary regimen induces connecteded with high blood pressure. Adjustment her diet.

Naturally, it is a bunch simpler to merely discuss changing your diet that to literally change it. For instance, if your little girl has been hooked on fast foods since she was a baby, her taste buds have become used to the taste as well as texture of fatty, sugary, and salty foods. This are able to be transformed, but not withtout some energy. In reality, it could involve transforming the diet for the entire family – which is not necessarily a unsatisfactory thing. There are a lot of impressive published books on nutrition if you’re inspired sufficient to read them and to follow through on their recommendations.

Second, aerobic activity is consistently great. It’s really good for aiding to stave off hypertension and it’s really good for preventing an existing high blood pressure affliction from getting worse yet. You really should always talk your doctor before begining the little one on any exercise show. This is also truer if she experiences high blood pressure levels.

There’s no excuse for not setting up a minimal aerobic activity show. Activity doesn’t need to be dull. It can easily even be included in your everyday routine. For instance, if you and your kid like shopping, bringing them with you on a brisk stroll through the mall can easily be both enjoyable as well as healthy.…

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What Can Coconut Water Can Do?

Many people moving into tropical countries can tell you that coconut milk is one of the most delicious drinks to be found in their region. Coconut water is found inside green coconuts also it forms the cornerstone of countless delicious mocktails. However, the majority of people prefer drinking coconut water fresh, because it is, because not only does it offer some fantastic benefits, it is also very tasty and quenches thirst as good as the calorie-loaded sodas one is employed to chugging.
This natural thirst quencher features a choice of amazing benefits which will make you stop from reaching for this can of sugary drink and head directly to the tropics where you can find these in plenty.
Coconuts grow on coconut palms that happen to be within abundance in tropical areas such as Caribbean, Pacific Island, Southern Asia, Florida, Hawaii and South usa. Individuals of such places are blessed to own cocoa palm within their midst because other than its wonderful fruit, the tree is a source of sustenance to the people in lots of ways. Nevertheless, we are here concerned about the advantages that coconut milk purports to us. Stay with me and discover.
Hydrates the body – In summer especially, you can actually get dehydrated and consequently, people are inclined to feel nausea and dizziness and a general lassitude. Drinking coconut milk hydrates our bodies and instantly freshens you up because the device contains isotonic salts that replenish the minerals and fluids that the body loses out.
The truth is, athletes and people who figure out regularly will also be advised to drink coconut milk which is an even more superior electrolyte drink containing the right amount of minerals than any sports drink.
Prevents urinary problems – Drinking coconut water regularly promotes freer flow of urine and any urinary conditions usually cause major discomfort are consequently ironed out. The reason being coconut water is a diuretic and boosts the flow of urine. Coconut water is useful for those who are afflicted with polyutra and stangury, some typical urinary ailments.
Promotes intestinal health – Most intestinal problems for example digestion or diarrhea occur as a result of worms while in the intestine. It is simple to look after this concern by drinking coconut milk which includes a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil for three days. The intestinal worms are killed as there was definitely improved digestion.
Works well for breaking kidney stones – A lot of people struggling with kidney stones will explain how uncomfortable and painful it can be able to pass urine should they have a stone. Drinking coconut milk assists with breaking down the kidney stones to be able to pass them out more quickly in their urine. Do remember that the patients need to take your family medications likewise.
Employed for emergency blood transfusions – Odd since it sounds, coconut milk can be used during transfusions. How? Coconut milk is practically comparable to plasm, this also makes it simple to make use of for transfusions specially in emergencies. It’s recently been used because IV fluid in similar emergent cases.
Keeps away the fundamental, bad diseases – In case you thought that coconut milk only agreed to be suitable for these, it might amaze someone to learn that the uses of coconut milk are more lofty and varied. For instance, its full of monolaurin, and that is an antiviral, antibacterial and antiprozoal monoglyceride which will kill viruses just like HIV, Herpes, flu as well as other pathogenic bacteria.
Controls vomiting – Whether it be the after effect on the hangover or as being a complication of another illness just like typhoid or malaria, coconut milk assists in stabilizing the stomach and controls vomiting considerably.
Prevents heart burn – In case you’re tired with popping antacids within your mouth after every meal books can’t handle the acidity, try sipping on coconut water after the meal instead. Coconut water greatly cuts down on acid reflux disorder problem and controls heartburn in addition.
The suitable balance – Most sports drinks who advertise instant energy can be skewed up with regards to the balancing of minerals and salts in the drinks. With coconut water however, nature’s hand is clear mainly because it contains the optimal quantity of potassium, sodium, natural sugars and chloride when compared to a few of the sports drinks you can buy.
Cosmetic uses – Some individuals add coconut milk to their shower gels or to the bathwater directly because the device softens the head of hair and skin since it is a moisturizer. It can also be added onto conditioners or shampoos or mixed with lotion before applying. It’s also the most beneficial drink to get rid of out toxins and provide you with a wonderful glow. It’s also included in cleansing masks for …

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How to Ease Arthritis Pain

Over the weekend, a question came in regarding fish oil and arthritis, and the person who wrote in wanted to know what foods to eat and what supplements would help with her arthritis problems.
Generally, with regard to food, you should eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. This means vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, fresh fruits, and dairy. You’ll notice that processed foods aren’t on the list, and neither are fast foods.
When you go to the grocery store, you should only shop in three areas, at most: The area for meat/poultry/seafood, and the vegetable and fruit areas. All the rest of the packaged products can just sit on the shelf, undisturbed by you.
That’s a good goal, but often unrealistic. You are going to eat some processed food at some point (or, maybe a bit more than that.)
Just keep this in mind: Processed foods have been stripped of essential nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids, and other elements that provide real nourishment for your body.
Food manufacturers usually strip out the essential elements you need for a very simple reason. It’s called “shelf life.” They don’t want their product to spoil, so they take these essential elements out to retard spoilage. They also add other elements in, which aren’t good for you either, but that story will fill a month’s worth of articles.
Not getting any of these items, in the proper amounts, particularly the correct balance of fatty acids, often results in inflammation.
The long chain omega-3 fatty acids help block the dietary omega-6 fatty acids (so high in the Western diet, which actually promote inflammation), restore the correct lipid balance your body needs, and are absolutely essential to combating the pain and joint stiffness of inflammation.
The simple truth is that pharmaceutical grade fish oil will assist you in combating the inflammation of arthritis. It isn’t always easy to eat the right kinds of food. But taking pharmaceutical grade fish oil can make up for a lot.…

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Today’s Frugal Tip – The Many Uses of Lemon Juice

Let’s learn about the many uses and benefits of lemon juice. There are so many uses for lemon juice, that we will be here all day listing them. And, since I’m sure you’ll be bored by the first 10 or so, we’ll just touch on the most surprising and helpful tips. The number one most popular use is, of course the yummy lemonade drink on a warm summer day. Not the most helpful or surprising, but certainly the most yummiest.
As I’ve already written in my other frugal tip article, lemon juice is great on the skin. When the natural oils on our skin blocks pores, acne forms. The ph level and the level of acid in lemon juice makes it a great mild antibacterial cleanser for acne prone skin. For blackheads, it is recommended to rub the juice of a fresh lemon with a cotton ball or your fingers at bedtime on a stubborn pimple and rinse well in the morning. It is also an efficient and cost effective way to remove dead skin cells to brighten up an oily complexion. It’s also been known to diminish the appearance of acne scars and age spots.
I use lemon juice on my hair when it gets dull or too greasy from over conditioning, I pour some lemon juice from a cup on my hair after shampooing. It brightens it up and adds a little bounce to it.
Did you know, lemon juice is an effective antibacterial for cleaning wood cutting boards? Or, how about the way it shines wood furniture with a touch of olive oil? And, it’s aromatherapy uses to mood enhancement? I already use it for polishing my furniture, but may have to get some cute little decorative dishes to pour some in to sniff for when I need a lift in my mood.
When I don’t have a scrub sponge for cleaning off burned food, I take a half of a lemon, dip it in some sugar and scrub away. This tip I use quite frequently since I often burn food. As my husband says, “You can’t cook from the living room.” I get a bit distracted at times.
Don’t throw away those rinds, either. I like to cut them into quarters and shove them down my garbage disposal to deodorize it. And, sometimes I put some rind in with my homemade potpourri.
Obviously, lemon juice is lemon juice. But the bottled kind has been sitting on a store shelf a lot longer than a fresh lemon and has lost a lot of nutrients. Whenever possible, use fresh.
One tip that I found while researching for this article was to rub a freshly cut lemon on fingertips to whiten them. I am excited to try this tip. But first, I must go to the store; I am out of lemons.…

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How to Wash Your Hair With Conditioner

Why would you skip shampoo and just use conditioner? It’s been trending around for awhile now, and so far it hasn’t gone away. Is the conditioner-only wash for you?

Shampoo – even gentle shampoo – contains chemicals that dry out your hair. Shampoo cleans the unwanted dirt and oil out of your hair, but it also strips your hair of the oils that it needs. That means that your hair gets dried out and your scalp works overtime trying to produce more oils to make up for the ones that are missing.

The idea behind conditioner-only washing is that you eliminate those chemicals that strip your hair and just add moisture. Complete elimination of shampoo doesn’t work for everyone, but it does work for some people. Here are some steps and options for cutting down on the ‘poo.

First, don’t go off shampoo cold turkey. Your hair will be greasy and gross (which may happen a little bit, but not as much if you ease into it). Start by not using shampoo a couple of times a week and just washing with conditioner. You might also try not washing your hair every day when you do this.

When you wash with conditioner only, you can either wash your hair with just water and then follow it up with conditioner as usual, or you can scrub your hair with conditioner and follow it up with moisturizing conditioner.

When you wash your hair with conditioner, start with a wet head. Use plenty of conditioner. You’ll want to scrub your scalp with your fingers – probably harder than you would with shampoo, since there’s no lather to help you along.

Make sure that you rinse very thoroughly. Conditioner can build up in your hair and attract more dirt if you don’t make sure to get your hair really clean.

If you need to shampoo once a week or so to really get a deep clean, it shouldn’t mess up your goals. This is common with this kind of cleaning.

This probably isn’t for everyone, but for people with dry and damaged hair (especially anyone who regularly uses heat styling) it can really help to restore your hair to something softer and healthier.…

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Liver Cleansing Detox – My Tried and True Recipe

“The bottom line is,” my naturopathic doctor was telling me, “for good health and a strong immune system you have to get your kidneys, liver and colon cleaned up. And the ways to do all that cleansing are not as easy as washing your face.”
The liver is tremendously important in the big picture of good health. Its primary functions are:
1.    Production of bile
2.    Cleansing the blood
3.    Lymph production
4.    Carbohydrate metabolism
5.    Protein metabolism
6.    Lipid (fat) metabolism
7.    Storage of vitamins and minerals
8.    Crucial actions in immune system
9.    Controls sugars
10.    Red blood cells – stimulates production and removes dead ones.
11.    Bone function
12.    Produces life dependent enzymes
13.    Removes drugs and poisons  
This is just a brief overview of the 500 known functions of the liver. Now you can understand better why it is so important to tune it up.
Here’s my liver flush recipe. I have tried other liver cleansing detox methods, but this one works for me.
First and very important, do a parasite cleanse. The liver will not flush if there are live parasites in it, and you will wake up in the night as sick as you have ever been. It’s bad. Don’t risk it. Get a tincture or capsules from your health food store. It doesn’t matter the form, but you must have these three ingredients:
1. Cloves,
2. Wormwood, and
3. Black Walnut Hull
Follow the direction for a full 10 days to 2 weeks. I’m serious. Don’t risk getting sick like that.
Also, try to get off coffee and meat for a week or so before the flush. The better you prepare your system by eating a clean diet, the better and easier the process will be. Taking supplementary detox herbs will help support the liver. Ask your naturopath for a recommendation, or go ask your health food store salesperson for help with this purchase.
OK – The morning of the flush, ask yourself if this is the day. Trust your instincts. If you get a “no”, then wait a few days and try again.
On the day, drink 16 ounces of organic apple juice upon waking. Then drink 8 ounces every 2 hours until 4 or 5 o’clock. After that, only water. No food all day. If you must eat something, eat an apple. The apple juice softens the stones so they slip out easily.
Then, a half hour before bed, make the following potion:
2 ounces fresh squeezed organic lemon juice
2 ounces fresh squeezed organic pink grapefruit juice. It makes the oil like water!
3 ounces of organic olive oil.
Put it in a jar, shake it up and drink it down. You will be amazed at how the grapefruit juice changes the oily texture of the olive oil. It is much easier to drink this way.
Thirty minutes later, do it all over again. Only this time, drink it by your bed, standing up. Then get into bed. Do not clean up the kitchen. Do nothing but get into bed. Lie on your right side if you like or flat on your back. Try to remain quite still for the next 30 minutes.
The next day – stones! Pea green and most often pea sized globules floating in the toilet to show you how successful you have been. They are made of fat so they will float, and they will be the unmistakable green color of bile. You may feel tired and nauseated so do it on a weekend when you can have time to rest. Definitely drink a lot of water. Your body is really working to help itself. The next day you will feel much better.
If you don’t get stones, your liver needs a little coaxing. Diet is key, so try again after 2 weeks and after you eat simply for a few days; fresh fruits and vegetables, and no fried foods.
Once you do get your liver to open up, you will love how you feel afterwards: clean, light, happy and with digestion noticeably improved. …