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Anti-Aging Tip: How to Look and Feel Younger and Be More Joyful

Anti-Aging Tip: How to Look and Feel Younger and Be More Joyful

Here’s a big secret for growing younger AND for making your whole life more joyful. It is: Love yourself exactly as you are.

Oh, I can hear your thoughts: wait a minute. I thought this was about growing younger. How can I love myself exactly as I am AND want to grow younger?

Sounds like a contradiction, right? Actually, it’s not. If you dislike the way you look or feel right now, that causes stress which is the number one aging factor. Besides, you’ll just get more of the same of what you’re focusing on: looks you don’t like and aches and pains you don’t want.

But here’s the important part as to why it’s not a contradiction: GROWING YOUNGER IS AN ACT OF CREATION.

Ponder this: We are here on Earth to create. That’s what Life is. Life is creation. We’re creating all day long – moment to moment we’re creating our lives.

Almost all of the time we’re not even consciously aware that we’re creating. For example, every day 300 billion cells in your body die and you create new ones without your conscious direction. And almost all of the time your thoughts and beliefs and memories are influencing what you’re creating.

But every once in awhile, you’re creating and it’s inspired. Have you noticed how fired up you feel when you’re being stimulated by true creativity?

The ideas just flow, whether you’re writing a novel or a sales proposal. You might be making something with your hands, and you feel the beauty happening – whether it’s a piece of pottery, a painting or a gourmet meal.

And that feeling – that emotion – feels so good. It sends ripples of joy through you.

We call it inspiration. It’s not coming from your rational mind – it’s a gift from Life with a capital L.

When you’re creating something and it’s inspired, you feel good and you’re focusing on what it is you’re creating. Not on the lump of clay in your hands – not on the paints on your pallet – not on the ingredients in that special stew you’re concocting.

You’re often not even thinking. You’re just receiving – receiving inspiration.

Well, it’s the same with growing younger. That too is an act of creation and you need to feel good and focus on the youthfulness you’re creating and be open to receiving inspiration to take you to that next step.

Here’s another example: Suppose you bought a house – one that had been neglected and has a yard full of weeds. Shortly after moving in, you go to the nursery and bring home flower seedlings. If you’re like most people, you won’t think: Oh, I hate this yard. It’s so ugly. No, you’re going to feel a thrill of creation as you decide which patch of earth to start on. You kneel down and pull out the weeds, turn over the soil, dig some holes, put the seedlings in, cover the roots with earth and pat around each one with both hands.

And you love the feeling of creating your beautiful garden. In fact, you love your beautiful garden ALREADY even though most of it is still full of weeds.

Think of yourself as a garden you’re creating. Love yourself just as you are, as you plant the seeds of a younger, more magnificent you.