3 Easy Natural Ways to Look Younger and Lose Tons of Fat!

3 Easy Natural Ways to Look Younger and Lose Tons of Fat!

1. The easiest way to stay young is to enjoy the latest and greatest superfoods and anti-aging supplements. Resveratrol which comes from grapes, has amazing effects on lowering insulin, inhibiting the sir 2 gene(aging gene) and increasing the metabolism at the same time! Matcha Green Tea also has anti aging properties. It lowers insulin as well as increasing insulin sensitivity, is packed with age fighting anti-oxidants and lowers stress levels, all related to fat gaining. Arginine and Ornithine stimulate growth hormone secretion, which lowers cortisol and promotes fat burning. Blue Green Algae, is a newer product that is loaded with b-vitamins and has anti-stress, fat burning benefits.

2. Steaming, colonoscopy, colon hydrotherapy and homeopathy. these are all great natural therapies to fight stress, oxidation, toxicity, fat gaining and should be done considerably. These therapies are thoroughly researched and 100% safe. You are sure to receive great benefits from any of these things and if you are considering one of them, it would be advised to do some research of your own on all their effects.

3. There are hundreds of research studies which confirm the great benefits of fasting, calorie restriction and targeted exercise to fight aging. Fasting every so often is fantastic to help your body to detox, repair, regulate, rest and renew itself. It is common sense that getting rid of harmful toxins, unfriendly bacteria, and oxidation through fasting will make you live longer.

Contrary to many views about fasting, it fights aging, lowers stress and invigorates the body. Calorie restriction over the long-term has shown to increase lifespan, lower stress(fat gaining) levels and result in greater levels of balance and well-being.

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Short intense exercise (HIIT) has significant impact on production of mitochondria(energy producing cells). As well as increasing levels of GH production, it is the perfect exercise for fighting age and burning fat.

I have just provided some incredible tips for staying as young as you can and staying lean too.