Healthy Habits To Improve Your Workouts

Taking care of your body shouldn’t be limited to what you do when you exercise. Be sure to improve your fitness routine with these healthy habits to form around your workouts.

Post-Workout Massage

After an intense workout, your muscle will be prone to soreness and inflammation. To help your body recover and build new muscle, finish every workout with a proper cool-down routine. Slowly stretch your muscle and use a foam roller over any muscles that were worked. Relieve tension and improve circulation with a complete massage Hollywood FL. During a massage, your body releases fewer cytokines which are compounds responsible for inflammation. The massage will also stimulate mitochondria in your cells, to promote cellular repair and better function throughout your body.

Eat Protein

Be mindful of what you eat, especially on the days you work out. Protein is responsible for building muscles. It is crucial to eat enough protein to support your muscle growth when strength training. High protein foods include Greek yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, and many kinds of meat. You can also add a low-sugar protein shake to easily increase your protein intake. If you don’t eat meat, you can look for plant-based protein in tofu, beans, chia seeds, and other vegan protein powders.

Sleep and Rest Days

Be sure to get enough sleep each night and schedule a day of rest. Without enough sleep, your body will show higher levels of inflammation and become more prone to sickness. When you sleep, your body gets to continue restoring muscles and generating fuel for the next day. The fibers in your muscles cant repair themselves while in use, so the tissues will best heal and grow while you are resting. Without enough rest, you may find yourself less motivated and more easily fatigued.

It’s important to continue taking good care of your body, even after you finish working out.