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Proven Strategies for Selling Your Car Online on Used Car Sites

Consumers head online to research and compare cars before making a purchase. Videos can attract and inform consumers. 65% of buyers reported that online video reviews helped narrow their purchase choices.

Online car-buying companies may require photos of the vehicle’s exterior and interior, a list of features, odometer statements, and power of attorney documents. They also collect the keys from sellers and deliver checks on the spot.


Take Offers from Multiple Dealers

There are plenty of website to sale cars, including dealership websites that offer instant cash offers and specialized sites for specific types of vehicles. Choosing one of these depends on your goals. If you want to keep the selling process as short and easy as possible, you might be better off with a site that focuses on local sales and deals directly with buyers.

During negotiations, it helps to be prepared and know what your vehicle is worth. Knowing what similar cars are selling for at private-party sellers and in dealerships can help you determine a fair asking price. Dealership employees often try to lowball trade-in value for profit, and you’ll be better able to negotiate prices if you’ve researched. 


Post Your Car on Multiple Sites

When selling your car, consider posting it on multiple platforms to get the most eyes on the vehicle. Many sites designed for classic or high-value cars may have a better audience than general classified sites. These sites also vet potential buyers and may help you avoid scammers. Another option is to post your car on a private-sale platform. These sites can be free for sellers and are designed to connect you with local buyers. They usually allow you to see the buyer’s profile, which can be helpful if you have concerns about meeting with strangers to sell your car.


Post Your Car on Private-Sale Platforms

Private-sale platforms became famous for their used car buying vending machines, which are an excellent option to avoid the hassle of meeting with buyers in person and haggling over price. But be careful because anyone can pose as a buyer on these sites and hide bad intentions. They may try to scam you by offering a cashier’s check or money order for an amount higher than the agreed price.