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How to Use a Whizzinator

Whizzinator Touch is as real as a fake urine kit gets, and fully workable on all types of situations. A better device has not been made to echo a real life private part.Managing human crisis’s and, judged festivities ranging from sexual fetishes and- here it comes-synthetic Urine.The whizzinator touch is made to resemble, for the most part the male urinary organ.

A lot of reasons that this daring synthetic private part can be applauded, but the awards are only brought out when there is mention of the accompanying heater packs that keep the synthetic piss at room temperature! The synthetic urine is introduced into the private part through injection into a syringed attached pouch, using a syringe we talked about earlier, remember that? Of course you do.

In its making, of course, like all other experiments there were first successful attempts, that made us one that required the use of a switch to activate the whizzinator when necessary.Now comes the part, we have all been dying to hear, how it works. The distinguishing difference between the whizzinator Touch and its more basic model is that the more recent form, requires physical stimulation by touch.

The touch, is a gentle squeeze of the head of the private part, wait, -synthetic private part- and the Urine, wait, -Synthetic urine, flows. The Whizzinator Touch comes in a large variety of colors, making it the dealer’s choice ,right to choose. Colours, that the Whizzinator Touch comes in, vary from white, Latino, black, Tan and a brown, that makes you blush. The relationship between man and machine is only made possible by the oh- so- helpful, manual and the Whizzinator , is no exception.

The Whizzinator Touch has long been tested, in real life and deemed dependable seeing as how it is a medically graded urine kit. While The whizzinator is a great experience, it should not be used for illegal purpose , but rectum a for good in adult novelty.This is in view of the countless caught cases of people trying to outsmart their way through a supervised drug test by using the Whizzinator.

As with all good, and close to perfect things, the whizzinator Touch has hit the markets with a female version. The female enthusiasts speak highly of the female whizzinator, obviously not in the design of a private part -but with a hose- like structure endowed with a safety valve that is activated to give the impression of urinal flow.Again, the female whizzinator, should not be used for illegal means like falsifying your way through a drug test. The reason the whizzinator stands out above most of other kits is it is easy to use, complemented by its availability as a complete package with a syringe and a synthetic urine vile.

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