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Summary of SMOK Alien as an energy source device.

The SMOK Alien Mod has turned out to be a standout amongst the greatest mainstream mods of 2016, being first place in the Best Regulated Mod class on GuideToVaping’s in the year 2016. This was affected by the idea that the SMOK Alien had an unusual plan with innovative mixing of designs, very much put OLED display, its inventively set fire catches, among another extraordinary element.

The Alien Mod is a product that the SMOK Company is product of, which is made from premium Zinc Alloy. It Offers a fantastic plan that boasts high interest and a friendly vibe. Another thing that most its users like about it is its placement of its body parts.

In spite of the fact that it holds two 18650 batteries, the gadget leaves a relatively little impression, being just 85mm tall, 44mm wide, and only 30mm top to bottom. Despite its small size, the SMOK Alien can produce energy of about 6 to 220 watts. Another benefits of this device is it incorporates temperature control, a modern method that is only experienced by the SMOK Alien devices in today’s mod vapes.

The diversity of this feature has made it possible for the users to range their temperatures from about 200 degrees all the way up to 600 degrees and at the same time support different coil materials such as Titanium and steel. Adding to SMOK Alien advantages is it eliminates any resistance possibilities to the available fire coils.

SMOK Alien kit has engaging body parts, and one the splendid of all is the OLED display screen. On account of this, data can be quickly recorded an element that very few gadgets in the vaping market have. The SMOK Alien display screen is bright, and it is effective as operations recorded are accurate.

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With this screen, be sure to see the present wattage, voltage, a show of what mode you’re in (WATT), its working impact, double battery life pointers, resistance esteem, working present, operating temperature, and your present puff included, while its variable wattage mode.

Nonetheless, the screen changes when one is in its temp control method. When it is in its initial TC mode, SMOK Alien’s display screen will indicate its normal working temperature; that ranges from about 200 to 600 degrees, the current working voltage, the battery life, and the current working watts being used.

The last added feature of SMOK Alien is it that a special micro-USB that is significant in charging of the device’s battery and the diversity of range in colors that one could choose from.