Want to Shred Belly Fat Without Exercising? Here’s How

There’s no denying that belly fat is usually the most persistent type of fat on our body. On the other hand, we also have this tendency to avoid going to the gym either under the excuse we’re too tired due to having to work overtime, or simply because we want to spend our free time in a more leisurely manner – by checking out free singles dating sites, for instance.

But then again,  it’s our belly out of all body parts that bothers us most if packed with excess fat. People usually turn to diets and exercise when they want to reduce it. However, there are different ways to do this; ways that don’t require you to plan each day around your fitness goals. With that in mind, here are 6 simple ways to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

1.   Smart Snacks

No matter what you might believe, snacking isn’t necessarily bad. However, if you’re favorite snacks are chips or candy, you might be in a problem. Sugar, salt, and grease will hurt your progress in losing belly fat, so opt for a fruit instead of gummy bears for the best possible results.

2.   Avoid Alcohol

Although alcoholic drinks won’t directly affect your weight loss, they have indirect effects that can sabotage your efforts. First, every alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it drains your body from the water. As a result, your body can’t distribute nutrients properly. Second, alcoholic beverages are literally packed with empty calories.

3.   Eat Your Vegetables

Remember when your parents wouldn’t let you leave the table until you ate all your veggies? Turns out they had a good reason for it. Vegetables are among the healthiest foods you can eat, as they provide you with numerous benefits while having a small number of calories. Therefore, pack on the greens on your plate whenever you can if you want to boost your weight loss efforts.

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4.   Organic All the Way

While some fruits and veggies might appear more delicious than others, it’s those organic foods you’ll want to go for if you want to lose weight and stay healthy. GM farms often spray their products with various pesticides and chemical compounds to make their products more appealing and longer-lasting. Therefore, make sure you choose organic foods to avoid any risks presented by genetically modified foods.

5.   Eat Only When Hungry

Perhaps you’re used to eating before going to bed, or you just can’t eat more than two meals per day – whatever the case may be, this needs to change. Instead of eating out of habit, start having meals only when you’re hungry.

6.   Drink Water

Since humans are 70% water, it’s never a bad idea to drink a glass whenever you get the chance. Water speeds up your metabolic rate, which lets your body digest foods more efficiently. Also, it’s a good way to trick yourself, as you can fill up on water before having a meal and thus reach satiety sooner.