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Tools and Supplies You Might Find at a Dentist’s Office

You probably made several visits to the dentist over the years. However, you may have overlooked some of the tools and supplies they use to perform procedures such as inspections, cleanings and extractions. Each of these instruments play a major role in your dental health. Read more about some of the basic tools you should expect at a dentist’s practice to make sure you are receiving high-quality care.

X-Ray Machines

An indispensable instrument at a professional dentist’s disposal is the x-ray machine. This device allows the specialists to carefully and thoroughly observe the structure of your teeth and your mouth. Dentists use two different x-ray machines: panoramic devices that allow them to see the entirety of the mouth, and intraoral devices that focus on capturing a single tooth.

Drills and Handpieces

Dentists also use these vital tools known as handpieces, though you might also call them drills. If you have a cavity, a dentist might use this to drill it away. They also use different tips, known as burrs, to perform other tasks, such as cleaning tartar and repairing minor chips. Dentists must ensure the Dental Rotors and Turbines inside these handpieces are in excellent condition for an effective performance.

Mouth Mirrors 

Perhaps the most low-tech tool in a dentist’s arsenal is a mouth mirror. This small, handheld mirror allows the specialist to see inside of the patient’s mouth. The mirror’s magnifying effect also allows for a very clear, detailed view of each tooth. In addition to inspections, the mouth mirror can be used to guide the dentist as they perform a procedure on a part of the mouth difficult to see.

These dental instruments are just a small sample of what you can see inside a typical dentist’s office. Learning the role of each tool will help you determine the quality of dental care you receive and understand clearly what occurs in each visit.