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Tips for Weight Loss After a Pregnancy

Pregnancy Health

Did you know that 83% of pregnant women feel fat, unattractive and don’t enjoy their pregnancy? If you are not enjoying your pregnancy or you need help getting back in shape after your pregnancy you certainly are not alone. Hope you enjoy reading. I’m writing this article to help women out there stay healthy during and after a pregnancy. Many women struggle maintaining their lives after and during a pregnancy because of the toll it takes on their bodies. But this also results in bad habits such as not maintaining their diet properly, not participating in any physical activity at all, and exercising bad habits such as drinking or smoking during their pregnancies. If you want to find out more information Now you can do all the research you wish about how to stay healthy during your pregnancy but the best tips to keep your health basically come down to these 4 things:

Manage your diet properly

Exercise correctly

Get enough rest EVERY night

Regularly see your doctor

Now of course this list is very blunt. But this is what you will come to see on every one of the millions of websites that tell you how to maintain your health. If you’re like just like every other woman, you would like to know more about these tips more explicitly. Unfortunately most sites don’t offer quality information for what you need to know. I’m writing this to give specific advice and supply you with where I get my advice.

The Best Tips for Weight Loss after a Pregnancy

Weight loss only comes with exercise. That’s the bottom line if you want to become healthy in any scenario. There are no magic foods that can make you immediately stronger or thinner. There is no food to quickly make you lose weight. However there are many healthy nutrition options that can help and that’s why proper dieting comes hand with exercising but I’ll get to that in a second. Ignoring dieting for a brief moment, the best tips for weight loss after pregnancy I’ve found are as follows:

Take yoga three times a week. This will help with giving you more energy the first month after delivering your child. It is very relaxing and loosens up tense nerves and tendons after delivery

When exercising, do not start something rigorous immediately. A recommended amount of activity is just to start walking around a track in increments of 20 to 30 minutes. Walk 2-4 days a week as lightly as you can until you feel comfortable enough to reach a mile and then try jogging.

Try aerobics; any sort of movement in a pool will help your body recover faster.

Drink plenty of water. Even if you aren’t monitoring you diet, constantly drinking water improves all aspects of the circulatory system and the digestive system


As I said before, this goes hand in hand with exercising. Exercising without any proper nutrition will not give any results. Actually it may make the body worse as exercising requires many vitamins and nutrients from different foods and replacing that with foods high in fat and calories can deteriorate certain cells in the body. Now there are foods that are just generally accepted for losing weight, maintaining nutrition, etc. However there are also foods specific to recovering from a pregnancy that are extremely beneficial. The best nutrition tips for losing weight after a pregnancy are as follows:

Remember how your parents always told you to eat your greens when you were a kid? Well that’s because its true! Green foods, such as broccoli and spinach are very beneficial when it comes to recovering. However, I am an athlete, and if I were to recommend anything specifically it would be Wheat Grass. Wheat Grass is basically a powder mixed up of all types of different green plants from across the world, so it gives you not only broccoli but spinach and hundreds of other plants all mixed into one powder. Now it may be uncomfortable to drink, I usually mix it in apple juice and there’s no change in taste. If anything, it’s like pulp to orange juice that you’re adding to whatever you want. Now if you do use it, try and use it with something sweet so it’s actually manageable to drink instead of just water.

CUT out fast food and eat fruit! At least when you’re trying to lose weight and recover. I abandoned fast food years ago but if you are someone who regularly eats fast food, cut out all the fatty foods. And you should know exactly what I mean by that, milkshakes, burgers, doughnuts, the usual. However if you are always busy and you must get something on the go, stop by Walmart or Bj’s and just pick up some delicious fruit. Have a smoothie once and a while. Fruit and vegetables sound cliche but they really are the best things for you when your body is trying to recover back to its original state

Calories aren’t everything. That’s a myth. It will always be a myth. You gain weight when you don’t burn off calories. When they aren’t used, they just sit and turn into fats. Counting calories is fine. Its good not to over eat or eat things that are extremely high, there’s nothing wrong with that but when you need to eat, don’t stop eating just to “save on” calories. Instead, try focus on finding delicious fruits, starches, and vegetables to fill you up. Change a big mac, or the new McRib, into delicious pasta that supplies you with plenty of proteins. Simple things like buying a spinach burrito instead of a large greasy one.

Healthy options are around you all the time and if you make the conscious decision to try and replace your diet with them, you’ll realize staying healthy isn’t all too hard. I found out so many ways how to help lose weight after a pregnancy. I also found out many ways to stay healthy while you are pregnant.