Is Life Only About Struggle?

“Life is a big struggle.” How many times have this beautiful quote crossed our minds? How many times have we pondered over this question? It’s true, life is a struggle but we have to start thinking beyond that. Do not put a full stop after the word ‘struggle’ instead add the word ‘but’ before the word struggle because there are many other good qualities in life too which send positive vibes.
The ups and downs we come across are all part and parcel of this life and we cannot run away from those small and big parcels whether it be of happiness or pangs of sorrow. Just imagine, we spend half our lives studying how to live our lives and the remaining half we spend nagging about the brutality of life and this habit only makes it more obvious that there’s no room for happiness to creep into our lives, we’re shunning away from all the positive aspects of life. At this very moment if you’re reading this article be glad that you are in good health, if you wake up the next day feel fortunate that you are being given a chance to become a better person or its a chance to work towards your ambitions. Ponder on all these points; is life still only about struggle? I don’t think so. Think about all the small packages of happiness you come across throughout the day. Starting from the security guard who greets you as you leave for work to all those people who do small errands for you throughout the day and remember we don’t pay them to greet us, they greet and help us because they care for us and this means there are still many good people in this world.
We’ll be completely wrong if we think our struggles will end only after we achieve that ‘one great goal’ which we’ve been aiming for years and most of the time its financial freedom, say, a dream job, a house, setting up a business and vice versa. All these reminds me of a quote which says “aim for the stars even if you miss you’ll land on the moon” Our minds should be ready to accept both the outcomes. If there were no failures in life and everybody succeeded, this world, definitely is not inhabited by the human species. We can never be satisfied if we do not have the ability to recognize the positive qualities life has showered on us. Lets think about all those poor people going to sleep hungry, homeless people, victims of war, orphans, etc, now who is struggling more? Imagine sleeping on the streets and struggling for one square meal. Life indeed is a big struggle but feel fortunate if you are in good health, have food to eat and a roof to shelter you.

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