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How To Upgrade Your Break Room

The break room can be the social hub of any office. It’s a great place for employees to mingle, relax, or enjoy a meal, but it can be so much more as well. Break rooms can be a space where employees go to blow off steam and get their mind off work for a bit so when they go back to their desk they’re refreshed and ready to dive back into tasks and projects. To create this fun atmosphere you can do things like add games, employ vending machine services, or offer free snacks and coffee.


One of the easiest ways to make a great break room every uses is to choose the furniture carefully. Having tables and chairs in the area where people can sit and have their lunch or snacks together is a great way to foster friendships and camaraderie in the office. Additionally, the break room should be a place people can go to relax between work activities, so including some comfortable chairs or a sofa might also be worth it.


Where the break room is also makes a difference in its effectiveness and how much it’s utilized. A good break room is typically put away from the working areas so people feel like they’re really getting away from work and can rest their minds. Try to put the break room in a central enough spot so everyone can access it, but keep the cubicles or offices out of view. If you have solid walls instead of glass in this area, you can use art and clever color schemes to make the room feel bigger and more inviting.

There are plenty of ways to spice up a break room and make it appealing to employees such as adding snacks, games, comfortable seating, and a great location.