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A New Affordable Therapy for ADD/ADHD

A New Affordable Therapy for ADD/ADHDAll the research over the past 40 years shows clearly that EEG biofeedback training (aka Neurofeedback or Neurotherapy training)has been by far the most effective therapy for ADD/ADHD with a “cure” rate of 85% or greater.� However, at an average cost of $4000+ per ADHD child, the mid or low incomefamily simply cannot afford this proven therapy.� Ritalin and other dangerousdrugs have become the “standard treatment”.� None of these ever solve thebasic problem, but they allow the teachers to control the classroom, andsedate the ADD/ADHD kids.� All such drugs have serious side effects.�� Now a new therapy called Neuroliminal Training has also proved by extensivevolunteer testing (seven tests since 2004) that it does exactly the same thingas EEG BF, namely change brain wave(s) amplitude by what is called beneficialbrainwashing. Instead of going to a clinic costing from $75-$250 per half hour, sitting infront of a computer screen with electrodes attached to the head about 50-60times, Neuroliminal Training uses a subliminal messaging CD that is played all night every night for a few months.� (Many like it so much for good sleep that theycontinue playing the CD.)In a test in 2006, 23 volunteers conducted an 8 week test, and all 23 improved just as would be expected using EEG BF.� In earlier tests in 2004 and 2005, similar results were seen.� The similarities between the expensiveEEG BF Training and the inexpensive Neuroliminal Training, especially in success rates are remarkable.� Volunteer tests of eight week usage of NT concluded in 2008 included 13 autistic children ranging in age from 3 to 16.� All improved, some dramatically, and some more slowly .� Of course, autism takes a lot more time.