Sometimes the gym doesn’t quite cut it. You may not like any workout machines or dislike gym culture. It’s essential to work out to improve our health and fitness. Doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. However, physical activity does not have to mean a trip to the gym. If you hate the gym, here are three alternatives to getting your daily exercise dose.

#1 Swimming

Swimming is a great way to get the heart pumping and body moving. The good thing about the water is that it requires minimum strength from your body. So if you are someone who struggles to use their muscles or experiences joint pain, swimming is an excellent alternative to the gym. Swimming builds your endurance and improves your cardiovascular strength. You also don’t need an Olympic size pool to exercise in the water. You can do simple backstrokes, butterfly strokes, water aerobics in a community or your pool.

#2 Classes

Unlike the gym filled with weights and machinery, classes offer you a different perspective on the gym. There are plenty of courses that provide different ways of exercise that you can continue to practice on your own. Classes like yoga, pilates, and Zumba improve your heart rate and offer social interaction. Going to the gym is usually a solo mission. There are people in the class you can speak to and compare fitness goals. Classes are a great way to find what type of workout you prefer and make a few friends.

#3 Join A Sports Team

If you prefer to physically interact with other people in a competitive form, joining a sport is the right choice. Sports usually require every muscle in your body. You typically run, jump, and are quick on your feet. The best part about joining a sports team is that the workout feels like a bonus. Sports help you keep a healthy weight, control blood pressure, and lower stress levels. Join a team today and have fun playing your favorite sport while improving your health and fitness.


There are plenty of alternatives to the gym, as listed above. If you hate the gym, it’s still essential to get your daily dose of exercise. No matter what it is, you must find the physical activity you prefer. Look up places like Health and Fitness Denver-based to help you decide on your chosen activity. If you don’t enjoy the gym, do not take the advice of others that say, “just stick with it.” Gym culture may not be suitable for you, and that’s okay. Experiment with your favorite activity and have fun!