Indian Cuisine Staples

Indian food is becoming more popular around the world. It has been a staple in English cuisine for decades, especially in London. In recent years the United States has seen more and more Indian restaurants pop up.

However, most people do not know about Indian food, despite its popularity. There is not one type of Indian food. However, there are common ingredients that can be found in most dishes. The same is true if you think about American food. There might not be one genre of American food, but most people think about the same thing when it comes up.

Butter Chicken

If you look for a typical Indian cuisine lunch menu Westchester NY, chances are there will be some staples. Perhaps the most famous dish in Indian cuisine is murgh makhana or butter chicken. It is a curry made from tomatoes, cream and various spices. It hails from Northern India, and it is not that old compared to other Indian dishes.


If butter chicken is the most popular dish in the US, naan must be a close second. Naan is chewy, soft bread traditionally cooked using a special oven called a tandoor. It is leavened bread, with that characteristic airy texture and rich taste. Besides yeast and flour, yogurt is used in the dough to make the bread moist. Although tandoor ovens are the traditional baking method, most restaurants do not have one. All it takes is extremely high heat to replicate the baking process.


Pakora is a popular fried food in Indian cuisine. It is essentially a fritter made from vegetables and chickpea batter. Usually, pakoras are served as an appetizer with chutney.

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The variety in Indian food cannot be covered in this brief article. If you have an interest in Indian cuisine, try looking locally. You would be surprised how many great Indian restaurants there are in every corner of the US.