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3 Unusual Seafoods You Can Order in Restaurants

You might be familiar with the grilled salmon or sushi rolls at your local seafood restaurant Plano, but at some establishments, especially those in areas closer to the ocean, are known for their unusual seafood creations. Sometimes it’s the seafood itself that makes the dish odd – have you ever really looked at an uncooked mussel? – and sometimes it’s the way the animal’s meat is prepared. Read on to discover three unusual seafood meals that you might be able to order at your favorite local establishment.

1. Crawfish

Crawfish brings to mind hot summers and still waters in the American South. It’s surprising, but it’s entirely possible to eat these little creek-dwellers that look a bit like shrimp when they’re raw. Most crawfish connoisseurs prefer them fried or used as an ingredient in Southern dishes like gumbo or etouffee.

2. Conch

Those who have traveled to the Bahamas or the Cayman Islands might be familiar with this one, but most causal seafood diners will have no idea that you can cook a conch. That’s right, of the conch shell variety (did you know there are animals inside those beautiful shells? In some places it’s actually illegal to collect these rare seashells). Conch meat is great raw or made into fritters.

3. Eel

This one is especially popular in Asia. Most people wouldn’t eat a snake, but sushi lovers happily eat their squiggly sea counterparts like squid and eel. Eel meat can be cooked and covered with a barbeque-like sauce when served as sushi. It doesn’t have a distinctly strong flavor, so you might never even know you’ve eaten eel.

While it might seem strange to eat something you didn’t think of as food, you’ll be surprised once you taste these regional delicacies. You’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t try it and see!