Silica Supplements – Essential in Curing Osteoporosis

Silica Supplements – Essential in Curing Osteoporosis

The studies show that osteoporosis is the second disease in the world after cardiovascular diseases. This condition, known as de-mineralized bone disease, is affecting one woman in three and one in eight men who are at the age of 50 years. As the time passes, the bones are suffering transformations which lead to joint pain and fractures, due to changes caused by bone demineralization. Overtime, this etching leads to osteoporosis.

Recently, the pharmaceutical market has launched a new treatment against this disease, which is based on horsetail extract. According to the manufacturer, this plant has a physiological role especially in the bones and joints, favoring the re-mineralization process due to its high content in silica. Silica has an important role in the macro-skeletal and cardiovascular systems, also in respiratory and elastic fibers. It deposits minerals into the bones, especially calcium which is essential. Many researchers point out that through a change process, silica is turned into calcium when it’s needed. It is for this reason why many scientists and doctors scientists claim silica as a precursor to calcium. Even when calcium is insufficient, the body turns silica into it so the bones have enough to heal or to grow.

For the healing process of osteoporosis to be possible, there are required certain nutrients, besides silica, like calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K. Thus, prevention of osteoporosis can be done mainly by adopting a healthy eating behavior. Calcium has been shown to be effective in helping to build bone mass and to prevent osteoporosis.

For an ideal nutrition, calcium intake should be between 1000-1500mg per day, depending on age, dietary intake, as well as other health conditions. Calcium can be found in yogurt, green vegetables (like kale), soy products (like tofu), seafood (like salmon and oysters) and sesame seeds.

Osteoporosis is a disease of the aging process. As the calcium in our body structure disappears, our bones start to become weak. A calcium supplement alone cannot help us with this threatening and crippling disease because the human body can’t absorb and use the calcium without the presence of silica. Besides the help given to calcium to absorb and to the re-mineralization process to hasten, there is another way silica fights osteoporosis. And this way is by ensuring the proper hormonal balance. It does it by ensuring a proper balance between the minerals calcium and magnesium, which both have a major impact on the overall hormonal balance. Now as we know, hormonal conflicts and imbalances are the core cause of osteoporosis and one of the treatments for the disease is hormonal therapy. This is why the women who have reached their menopause are most of them suffering from osteoporosis. But using silica supplements may just be all that you need to do in order to restore the hormonal balance whose loss is the cause of the osteoporosis problem. Let’s not forget the fact that it makes the calcium absorption much easier and it’s essential for the re-mineralization which actually means the osteoporosis is completely cured.