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Electronic cigarettes are saving millions of lives – How do they work?

There are several experts who have revealed that millions of lives could be saved every year if the smokers in Britain made one conscious switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Does this offer a solution? Should you swap tobacco cigarettes for electronic cigarettes? The researchers from UCL or University College London predicted that for every million smokers who change from tobacco cigarettes to electronic ones, this could prevent 6000 early deaths in the UK. They also added that among the estimated 9 million British smokers, 55,000 lives could be saved if they switched to nicotine cigarettes and this would reduce the mortality rate that accounts for the increased numbers of deaths.

The Public Health England also said that although there are some toxins which are present in the vapour of electronic cigarettes which are harmful yet they are much less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. This vapour comprises of concentrations of toxins, carcinogens in the form of cigarette smoke. When it was told that e-cigarettes can re-normalise smoking and they also act as the gateway to smoking among the teens, there were other enthusiasts who had a different idea on the whole thing.

The smokers who are all addicted to smoking do so due to the nicotine but they usually die due to the accumulation of tar within their body. It can be imagined that electronic cigarettes would be welcomed as the key means of preventing suffering and death caused due to smoking tobacco cigarettes. World Health Organization said that the use of e-cigarettes among the young generation is one of the major problems and this would act in the form of a gateway to smoking. There are several teens and young adults who have never tried smoking but they have started vaping. This is certainly having a bad impact on their future as they’ve started doing something which isn’t good for their health considering the fact that they weren’t smokers.

The authorities and lawmakers have taken a decision that e-cigarettes should be made cheaper than tobacco cigarettes and they should also be permitted to be vaped in public places. It has also been seen that the rates of smoking have started dropping since the popularity of e-cigarettes started soaring out of control. Utilizing an e-cigarette to stop smoking is more effective than investing in nicotine replacement therapy. The NHS is also assisting people to opt for stop smoking services so that they could bring about an improvement to their health.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is thinking of the different ways in which electronic cigarettes can save millions of lives, you should take into account the above listed points. These kits make it easy for the vapers to choose their best flavours and continue vaping successfully.