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Water Purifiers & Water Filters – Enjoy pure & germ-free water for healthy consumption

You have got a plant in your house and you intend to keep it exposed to natural light as well as water regularly so that it blooms every single day. Imagine a scenario where one day you accidentally spray impure or contaminated water on it; there is a high possibility that it might die a slow death. For years we have taken the natural resources like water, light, etc. for granted without knowing that one day some of these resources might become scarce or contaminated and might not remain healthy for direct consumption. Ecological degradation and poor resource management have resulted in contamination of many natural water resources.

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Water-borne diseases like Cholera, Dysentery, etc. are at an all-time high since groundwater has become highly impure with the presence of sewage, acidification, harmful chemicals like Chlorine, Arsenic, Lead, etc. Kids do not have a mature immune system and hence they are more prone to these diseases. This is where water purifier or water filter plays a major role in the removal of harmful substances present in the water, thereby making it safe for consumption. Water Filters use the method of physical filtration in order to remove larger impurities present in the water and chemical filtration to remove the chemicals present in the water.

Though water purifiers and water filters work on the same underlying principle, there is one glaring functionality difference between the two of them. Water purifiers can remove viruses and bacteria that water filters are unable to remove. Many homeowners are now opting for water purifier for home purpose. A water filter is more economical as compared to water purifier which in turn is more economical than RO water purifier or water purifier RO. RO water purifier uses the Reverse Osmosis purification technology to remove large particles, molecules, ions from the water. It makes use of a semi permeable membrane to achieve these results. RO water purifier can successfully remove bacteria and other harmful germs from the water. Based on your budget and overall requirements, you should either choose a water filter/water purifier/RO water purifier for your home.

Since consumption of ‘not so pure’ water has health implications, you should choose an appropriate water purification product from a well-known brand. LivPure is an undisputed leader when it comes to water purification products and has a wide range of water purifiers and water filters for the different segment of customers. LivPure is the first company to come up with a Bluetooth (BT) enabled RO purifier called ‘LivPure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier’ that has an 8-stage advanced filtration system. Along with harmful bacteria, it also removes virus, Chlorine, Magnesium and other disease-causing chemicals. You can check the RO price on their website and also purchase the water purifier online. The company provides round the clock customer support, via phone, email, as well as the app.

With Water purifiers, water filters, and RO purifiers at your pursuit, safe drinking water is still available for consumption to the urban, as well as rural Indians.