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Tips for Maintaining Your Lineman Compression Tools

Properly Maintaining a Lineman’s Tools and Job


Have you ever been out driving in your car and saw the guy that climbs up the power pole and fixes the wires. Whether it’s a power or cable guy, that guy is called a lineman. He has the very important job of climbing to the top of power poles and fixing them or installing them. Becoming that guy is a relatively complicated process. After taking classes and tests you have to do a pretty extensive internship working with a current linemen. Then to top it all off, you need a pretty solid toolbox of tools to be able to do the job efficiently and well.

What Tools Do Linemen Even Need?

First of all, the basic safety equipment such as belts, hooks, boots with special climbing equipment, hard hats, safety glasses and other equipment to making scaling the pole much easier.

Next, is the basic equipment that you will need every day. Such as Kline pliers, screw drivers, rulers and knives. Along with this list is hacksaws, hammers, wrenches and other things that are stored on the truck ready to go when needed.

Also, consider other things that make the job a little easier and more pleasant. Gloves, sleeves, safety glasses and a rain suit. Also, fire retardant clothing and boots were basically a must have to be safe and comfortable on the job.

How Do You Keep All of These Tools Nice?

Spending all this time and money on all these tools and training is super frustrating if you can’t keep your tools nice and keep things running smoothly. One major way to keep everything nice is to maintain them. When you get new tools, keep and read the instructions and care pages. Make sure that you are oiling and keeping inspections up to date on all your tools. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Maintain small problems so they don’t turn into big ones. Also, make sure that you are using the right tool for the job. Using the wrong tool for the wrong job can make them wear wrong and cause damage to the tool.

Along with this, it is important to keep your tools clean.

Regularly cleaning tools with soap and water can help reduce the amount of oil and dirt build up which helps reduce wear. There is a specific machine called a tool washer/parts washer, that isn’t necessarily needed but makes this process much easier. It heats up water hot and burns oil and solvents off of the tool. Also, regularly sharpening cutting tools makes them work more efficiently and also makes them safer. Also, regularly maintaining all compression tools and testing to make sure they are working correctly makes sure that you are doing your job correctly and makes your job easy to do. Also, be sure to regularly replace and maintain any battery operated tools to make sure they are working at optimum.


Properly using and maintaining all lineman tools makes doing the job easier and more efficient. Being a lineman is not an easy task and takes lots of education and training. However, once in the job, it can be very rewarding and enjoyable. If you are a person who likes being outside, likes working with your hands and enjoys a challenge then this is the job for you. So next time you are driving around and see a lineman up on the pole doing work be sure to say a little prayer for his safety and work.