The Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD oil brands come in many different forms as an anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety compound, acting as a natural anxiety soother that can also improve social anxiety. CBD oil is now legal in all 50 states while THC is not, since THC can be found in some marijuana CBD oil products that are unregulated. CBD oil eases anxiety, helps a patient sleep better, reduces pain and more. Successfully treating anxiety is the goal of people who use CBD Oil for this purpose. CBD for anxiety is useful in the treatment of various types of anxiety disorders, causing people with anxiety disorder to not feel it as much.

CBD oil causes anxiety to vanish, or at the very least get mitigated long enough for the sufferer to stop suffering from the feelings. There are many different kinds of CBD oil for anxiety that can be used. CBD works via structures in the human body called receptors. Receptors receive different signals from various stimuli. CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors that are mostly found in the central nervous system, and the peripheral nervous system. CBD oil might be altering serotonin signals since anxious people do not make enough serotonin to calm down.

This is because anxiety is a serotonin problem. Serotonin in the brain helps non-anxious people not feel anxious. Serotonin problems are treated with the class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor medications even as CBD Oil contains a trace amount of THC at times. It depends on the manufacturer, and the process by which the CBD oil was manufactured. CBD oils are taken orally, under the tongue. Flavored CBD oils taste better than unflavored. CBD oil can work to lower the physiological symptoms of anxiety such as a racing heart rate. Social anxiety disorder is helped tremendously by CBD oil, as is any form of PTSD.

PTSD symptoms such as nightmares or replaying a bad memory can be helped with CBD oil that is geared towards that type of illness. CBD could help with anxiety disorders, even if the studies were uncontrolled, meaning that patients were not compared to a “control” group that received a different treatment or no treatment at all to see if the treatment is not a placebo. More human studies are needed to calibrate effective doses of CBD oil so that we can tell how it is going to affect a specific mental illness.

CBD oil could be used as an effective antipsychotic in some people, since it has less bad side effects compared to other antipsychotic drugs. CBD oil works for situational anxiety such as public speaking anxiety, as in a 2018 study that was done simulating a public speaking situation. The study only looked at 12 participants, as it was small scale. This reflects a need to do more large-scale studies on the mental health uses of CBD oil. CBD oil may have a downside though as it causes diarrhea, fatigue, changes in appetite, changes in weight, and may also interact badly with existing medications you are taking or even dietary supplements. You have to be careful with medications such as blood thinners that warn you not to have grapefruit because of the blood thinner.

CBD withdrawals cause irritability, dizziness, nausea, and fogginess. It depends on where you live in the United States, but CBD oil is only allowed for specific uses such as epilepsy, in some areas. Some CBD oils could be used as muscle relaxers, and when you see the term “full-spectrum” on websites, you can know that it works on a variety of issues. CBD oil has more benefits but not without risk.