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The Healing Power Of Bee Pollen

The Healing Power Of Bee Pollen

Why are so many people taking bee pollen today? Let me tell you a little bit about it and then decide for yourself if it’s something you may want to try.

Bee pollen is pollen gathered from flowers and plants by honey bees and taken back to the hive. It is about forty percent protein. It is a completely nourishing food. Contained in it are most nutrients essential to human life. Fully 50% of it’s protein is in free form amino acids. These are ready for the body’s immediate use.

It is a healing food that has more research conducted on it than any other. It’s considered by many as nature’s most perfect and complete food, bee pollen contains every essential component for life. It’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, enzymes, fats, trace elements and significant amounts of natural antibiotics and phytonutrients. It’s also a very powerful antioxidant. It is nature’s most concentrated nutritional substance.

Bee pollen contains more vitamins and amino acids than other natural sources, such as eggs, beef or cheese. It is a healthy alternative to synthetic vitamin supplements and suitable for anyone wanting to improve their health and mental abilities and as a general vitality enhancer.

For thousands of years, bee pollen has been used for weight loss, immune enhancement, increasing energy and more. The consumption of bee pollen is mentioned in the bible, as well as ancient Egyptian and Chinese texts.

This powerful substance can be used today to enhance vitality, stimulate glands and internal organs, increase energy and as an over all body rejuvenation tonic. Bee pollen is so good for increasing energy that it is taken by many Olympic athletes around the world.

Bee pollen is also a strong anti radiation food and can be taken if exposed to radiation or forms of chemical pollution. It supports immunity by protecting white and red blood cells from being damaged by radiation. It’s also high in the vitamins and minerals known to protect against radiation, such as vitamins A,B,C and E and the minerals magnesium, selenium and calcium.

This wonder of nature is used by many people to help with their weight loss program. It boosts metabolism and helps curb the appetite. Maintaining your proper weight will not only make you look better, but also improve your health and may make you live longer.

Because bee pollen contains natural fatty acids, it also can have a favorable effect on your skin’s appearance and texture. Many use it as an anti-aging food as it can make your skin look younger and give you the energy of a young person.

Another reason to take it, is for it’s anti-stress properties. It’s loaded with vitamin B5 which is good for the adrenal glands. It is often used to prevent high altitude sickness and research is now being done into it’s potential use to prevent heart disease and even cancer. Bee pollen has also been used for the treatment of asthma, eczema and some types of rashes.

Why not grab a bottle of bee pollen capsules the next time you’re at the drugstore? I think you’ll see the many benefits that can be obtained from it.