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Checking Your Internal Health

Low blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and low platelets count. Weak eyes, shallow respiration and weakness in the body requiring immediate trip to ER and going under sophisticated equipment like Baxter Smart IV Pump to regain what is lost. These are some of the indications that your body system is abnormal or you have fallen victim to debilitating illnesses.

In general, we equate good health to being free of the above symptoms. When there is a chemical imbalance in our body, we add a little bit of this and that to create that balance as suggested or prescribed. We strive to feel “healthy” again with food, supplements and treatments. In other words, when we are feeling good, having a good amount of energy and are in moderately working order, we consider ourselves as being healthy. The truth is, there is more to good health than being symptom-free.

Unfortunately, our outward appearance cannot reveal our internal environment at a cellular level. The annual physical test does nothing more than reveal height, weight and heart beat rate. What we need to do is undergo tests that interpret what is going on inside the body. These tests may predict what “high risk” categories we are in and what future ailments we are susceptible to. This can also tell us about any particular health condition and at what stage of progress it is in, whether it is benign or serious. What we need is to get a clear picture of how healthy we are before even the symptoms start to appear. And today’s medical technology lets us find out the same.

With a simple test like urine pH level, you can tell whether or not you are healthy at the inner level. Urine, as it contains waste material and other vital information about your health, will let you know how healthy you are at the moment and what you can expect in the future. Body, when it is taken care of in a healthy manner, never makes mistake. It has the ability to respond perfectly to the stimulus it receives. This means when the body is working at its best, it breaks down the food, repairs, restores and replenishes cells and tissues in a timely manner. Additionally, it eliminates unwanted residue and toxins at the same time.

Testing urine is important to learn about the environmental condition that your cells live and function. Remember that an ideal body has a pH that hovers around neutral and slightly alkaline. The test shows how well your body handles food and waste material within a 24 hours time frame. Monitoring this level gives vital clues about how efficiently your body can handle food. Testing urine pH is simple and can be done at home. You can then compare the results with the color chart that came with the test kit. If the test shows some negative elements, you can take steps to maintain your health with good food and exercise. Overtime, your pH numbers get better as your health improves.