Simple Autism Prevention

Simple Autism PreventionThere are hundreds or maybe thousands of new products on the market to help autism patients.� But, since there’s no money in it, there’s been very little or no attention given to PREVENTING ‘s a very simple therapy that does just that:At the start of pregnancy (or even before), start taking a minimum of 4000 mg (4 grams) of vitamin C, split into 2 grams with breakfast and 2 grams with dinner.� (I get 1 gram tabs at Costco pretty cheap.)At lunch take a good megavitamin with a day’s supply of minerals, and stress vitamins, such as Solgar’s VM-75 or an equal with good minerals as well as extra vitamins.� BTW, the so-called “pre-natal” vitamins “prescribed” for pregnant women are actually more expensive�and less effective than “standard” equivalents. VM-75 is much better IMO.Since vitamin C in these amounts acts as a mineral chelator, it will gradually take out any mercury, lead, and other toxic heavy metals that cause autism.� Just eating tuna fish (a staple for pregnant women it seems) gets mercury into the body.� The increasing use of coal in power plants also puts mercury into the air and soil. This mercury added to that in vaccines is the CAUSE of autism in this toxicity is removed over the length of the pregnancy, the liver will be better able to filter out new mercury, and autism should go down to the 1 case in 10,000 of not so long those women further along, double or even triple those amounts and split them up more so as to literally saturate the blood.� This should be enough to give the new baby a start without a toxic handicap.� The only “bad” side effect from Vitamin C is diarrhea!The other prevention is to NEVER let the MD’s/hospitals give your child more than one or two vaccines at one time.�� Big Pharma has lied many times about the mercury in vaccines, and proved that it cannot be is chelation?� The word means to “grab onto”, and a chelation chemical is designed to grab onto minerals in the bloodstream, form a new molecule that is water soluble, that is then filtered out via the kidneys and urine system.� Because of the lies about vitamin C made by Big Pharma, very few MD’s and others in the health business know that Vitamin C has the same action.� It also combines with the minerals in the blood to form a water soluble molecule, similar to the action of a chelator such as EDTA.� Glutathione is another similar chemical.� In autistic infants and children, it is almost absent.� This means that an autistic child has very little chance to get rid of mercury, lead or aluminum unless these “natural” chelators or some other chelation method is present.� (There are many really expensive methods of getting glutathione into the autistic person, but all are relatively poor.� Both vitamin C and glutathione go out of the body in a few hours.� Vitamin C is much cheaper.)� The job of the liver is to filter out toxic minerals, store them, and gradually release them back into the bloodstream IF, AND ONLY IF, there is a chelating chemical present.� This means that if an autistic child is tested by using blood, urine, or hair samples, the result will usually be a FALSE negative.� This fact has been used in court cases to “prove” that mercury wasn’t the cause of the autism.� More lies by Big Pharma!�Note that the above regimen has vitamin C at breakfast and other vitamins and minerals at lunch.� This allows the Vitamin “C to take out minerals for the hours it lasts in the morning.� By noon, the Vitamin C has gone when the multi-vitamin/mineral pill is taken.� This allows the nutritional minerals to be absorbed,� With all chelation, ALL minerals are taken out of the body, and so the ones needed have to be added back into the body.� Otherwise, the shortages of nutritional minerals may cause other you know any pregnant woman?� If so, pass this on.� It’s cheap insurance, and as an added benefit, the woman won’t get colds and flus while carrying the baby.…

Service Dog to Treat Autism

The proper Autism Treatment is not known to us, but you can get an example which can relax you after you send your autistic kid to the general and normal school – just like million other kids.

Well… it is the permission to allow the service dog to remain with the child. Isn’t that great?

Andrew J. Guilford – U.S. District Court Judge found granting an injunction that compelled to allow a service dog for the sake of the ill fated autistic kid – Caleb in the Cypress School.

Attorney argued against the judgment pointing that the school cannot look after any animal. However this will surely not alter any school’s program, though in this case the family need to post a bond of $50,000 before the action takes place.

Eddy – the dog has been trained so that he can easily judge his master – Caleb’s mood, behavior attitude, body language, impulse. Not only this, after he understand the same, he can also pacify Caleb and help him to understand his surroundings and react accordingly.

Though you cannot say this as is a way to treat autism, but this can definitely help your autistic kid.

From all the sources we have, we can get a fair idea of the autistic kids. A stern look, a preference for loneliness, problem in communication, creating own world – these are all the common characteristics of these kids. An ill development of the brain is the main cause behind these. The proper reason is still behind the clouds for us. But, it has been found out that these kids can mingle easily with the animals – elephants, dogs and many more!

Apart from the proper medication, there are other alternatives too for your kids – HBOT Therapy. A chamber providing pure and pressurized oxygen can heal. The oxygen adds a positive effect for the brain, this in turn help in the proper functioning of the nerves. With the same, the communication skills develop. Beside the parents can also try teaching small sentences. You can start with reorganization of the alphabets, followed by the pronunciation. After you are done with these make them learn words with similar sounds, like – MAT, BAT, CAT, RAT etc. The placement of a definite alphabet in different position of the word also holds importance – MAP, DAM, CAMEL (the use of M).

The parents must focus on the recent researches and should be innovative, thinking and sorting new ideas to help their kids.

Coming back to the previous discussion, though I think that an autistic kid can be the object of fun for their normal counterparts, but still I support the idea of allowing a service dog. In doing so, may be in next 30-40 years, we can expect the autistic kids sharing the lunch box with a normal one in the same school.…

The Behavioural Characteristics to Watch For in a Possible Autism Sufferer

Other sources label it as a neurodevelopmental disability, i.e.� Brain’s normal growth, and it results in the affected child having difficulties with everyday living that are not found in non-autistic children.

But the international medical community lists it as among the five top notch Pervasive Developmental Disorders, marked by notable abnormalities with regards to social interactions; limited interests and quite recurring behavior also factor commonly.

Asperger syndrome is similar to autism except that it carries not much delay in the area of language development. But all forms of autism have attributed to them a peculiar type of behaviors, already outlined in a general sense very well within paragraphs 1 and 3. Such behaviors may/may not show in infancy (15-24 months), but they are likely to be a lot more easily discernable during initial years of childhood (approx 24 months- 6 yrs).

Health authorities have already provided guidelines on how to detect possible signs of autism in your child as soon as possible. If the child doesn’t either babble or do coo at one year of age, does not manifest simple physical gestures (like pointing, waving or grasping) by the same age, does not say individual words before 16 months, will not independently muster phrases before two years of age, or refuses to cuddle , it may be recommendable to seek professional advice.

It should be obvious that the symptoms of autism are not mild or trivial ones; they can upset a child’s development gravely and place limitations on him or her for months, years, even decades to come. That is why it pays so greatly for both parent and child for the parent to have an idea of the characteristic behaviors of autism that may show in those aged 24 months or older. These are listed loosely in the categories that follow.

Considerable difficulties associate with some social interactions: difficulty in developing relationships; prefers being alone; little or no eye contact; little or no awareness of body language; no interest in sharing experiences; refusal to muster give-and-take social interaction, or to share.

Communication, language and speech deficits: not reciprocating in conversation; not understanding facial expressions or body language; speech that is lacking, impaired or unusual; repeating stuff.

Development of play-related difficulties: like using parts of several toys only; a tendency to line up or stack things; obsessive attachment to individual objects; inability to do what is known as “pretend playing”.

Symptoms are not limited to those falling within behavioral considerations; as unusual responses to stimuli in one’s environment (sensual hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity), and pro-prioception and even vestibular senses also feature in autistic children on a common basis.

Repetitive stereotypic behavior (stimming) is often noted in autistic children, and they may have very uneven talents.� Plase visit…