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Service Dog to Treat Autism

The proper Autism Treatment is not known to us, but you can get an example which can relax you after you send your autistic kid to the general and normal school – just like million other kids.

Well… it is the permission to allow the service dog to remain with the child. Isn’t that great?

Andrew J. Guilford – U.S. District Court Judge found granting an injunction that compelled to allow a service dog for the sake of the ill fated autistic kid – Caleb in the Cypress School.

Attorney argued against the judgment pointing that the school cannot look after any animal. However this will surely not alter any school’s program, though in this case the family need to post a bond of $50,000 before the action takes place.

Eddy – the dog has been trained so that he can easily judge his master – Caleb’s mood, behavior attitude, body language, impulse. Not only this, after he understand the same, he can also pacify Caleb and help him to understand his surroundings and react accordingly.

Though you cannot say this as is a way to treat autism, but this can definitely help your autistic kid.

From all the sources we have, we can get a fair idea of the autistic kids. A stern look, a preference for loneliness, problem in communication, creating own world – these are all the common characteristics of these kids. An ill development of the brain is the main cause behind these. The proper reason is still behind the clouds for us. But, it has been found out that these kids can mingle easily with the animals – elephants, dogs and many more!

Apart from the proper medication, there are other alternatives too for your kids – HBOT Therapy. A chamber providing pure and pressurized oxygen can heal. The oxygen adds a positive effect for the brain, this in turn help in the proper functioning of the nerves. With the same, the communication skills develop. Beside the parents can also try teaching small sentences. You can start with reorganization of the alphabets, followed by the pronunciation. After you are done with these make them learn words with similar sounds, like – MAT, BAT, CAT, RAT etc. The placement of a definite alphabet in different position of the word also holds importance – MAP, DAM, CAMEL (the use of M).

The parents must focus on the recent researches and should be innovative, thinking and sorting new ideas to help their kids.

Coming back to the previous discussion, though I think that an autistic kid can be the object of fun for their normal counterparts, but still I support the idea of allowing a service dog. In doing so, may be in next 30-40 years, we can expect the autistic kids sharing the lunch box with a normal one in the same school.