Staying Healthy All Winter Long

In the winter, it can be harder to convince yourself to get off the couch and treat your body and mind well. The short daylight hours and dropping temperatures may feel demotivating, but with some careful planning, you can keep yourself in a better mood and not have so far to go to get back the summer body!

Plan Your Eating

Spend one day of the week doing meal prep so that you have a variety of healthier options to choose from instead of reaching for the chips or cookies. Having protein fx bars on hand for a midafternoon snack and a filling lunch can help keep those extra pounds from creeping on to your waistline.

Plan to Move

Dragging yourself out of your warm apartment may be less appealing if you are trying to exercise by yourself. Joining a sports team or training for a competition can give you an external motivation to move your body and raise your heart rate. Working on your cardiovascular health and sweating out your stress is not only healthy for the season but may have lifelong benefits.

Plan to Play

Socializing in the sunshine might help to keep the winter blues at bay as you take in both laughter and vitamin D. Whether you meet for brunch, go ice skating together, or cheer on the local basketball team, having reasons to leave your home might help you to keep your spirits high in the darkest nights of the year.

There are many ways to keep healthy when the temperatures drop and the sun goes to bed long before you are ready to. With an intentional effort, you can keep your body and mind in good condition despite the hot chocolate and turkey dressing. Find ways that you enjoy to stay fit this holiday season!