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How You Can Make Healthy Dental Habits Fun For Your Child

Based on the CDC, studies show that more than 20 percent of American children suffer from having tooth decay that is left untreated. Studies also show that there are adolescents that are between the ages of 12 years old to 19 years old who have at least one decayed tooth that is left untreated. What many parents fail to realize is that tooth decay is actually very much preventable in many cases. As long as your child is practicing better oral habits in their lives, they are able to fight off tooth decay and prevent it from happening in the future. The only problem here is that there are many children who unfortunately disregard their oral health. It is up to the parent to try different strategies and methods to getting their child to enjoy practicing better oral habits that they can take with them in their adulthood. One of the things that parents should consider is how their child feels about their oral health. Unfortunately, there are a number of children who suffer from experiencing dental anxiety, which can prevent them from enjoying to practice healthy dental habits. However, parents are able to turn the negative oral hygiene habits around in order to make their child’s oral experiences fun and enjoyable for better oral health in the long term.

According to WebMD, experts estimate that there are a percentage of approximately between 9 and 20 percent of people in America who avoid practicing better oral health and going to the dentist because of dental fear and anxiety that they have. Unfortunately, this number tends to increase with young children and adolescents. Many children and adolescents are well known to have a very vivid imagination. Because of their vivid imagination, many children are left fearing and completely avoiding the dentists at all costs. However, parents are now able to step in and do something about their child’s dental fears. It is important to also know that you are able to work directly with your child’s dental office in decreasing your child’s fears and anxiety about dental work. You can take time to talk to your pediatric dentist in order to figure out what course of action to take with your child.

Making healthy dental habits fun for your child is also very important to easing their stress and fears of going to the dentist. For example, one of the things that you can do is to find a dental facility that specializes in treating young children. Many children are more likely to feel comfortable going to the dentist when they are in a very inviting, child-friendly environment. There are many different dental facilities that make their environment fun by providing children with fun activities to do while they wait for their dental visit. Also, parents can also make time to create fun games to play with their children when it comes down to their oral hygiene, which may motivate them to want to keep up with their oral hygiene. Your dental facility may also help you with how to make healthy oral habits fun. Be sure to conduct research online to find your nearest childrens orthodontist cincinnati oh.

Making your child’s dental habits fun is one way to motivate them with keeping up with their oral health. Playing games during the oral hygiene process can be one way to make things fun for them. Also, but most importantly you want to try to find the right dental facility that can help support you and your child in accomplish a better oral health.