Stair Climbing As Part of Your Weight Loss Workout Program For Women Over 40

So you’re looking for a way to shed a few of those troublesome pounds. You’d like to fit into your clothes better or even get rid of the clothes you have now and get a whole new wardrobe.

How about that extra giggle when you walk? Something you wouldn’t mind getting rid of either? Here’s an idea that could work for you. Give some thought to using stair climbing as part of your weight loss workout program for women over 40

As we age things tend to slow down. It does happen but there’s no reason that you can’t fight it every step of the way. Aging doesn’t have to be accompanied by your body breaking down.

Getting older can and should be a wonderful time in your life if you help it along by taking care of your body.

Women’s issues are different then men’s as we age but there are some things that are good for both groups to implement. Regular exercise is an important element of staying young and healthy.

So what about stair climbing? What are the benefits and what should you do? Here are some ideas.

Before you get started on your stair climbing program it’s a good idea to check with your doctor especially is you have not been working out. Make sure that he says that it’s o.k. for you to do.

To get started on your stair climbing routine and use it in your weight loss workout program for women over 40 simply find your favorite set of stairs that you can climb with minimal amount of traffic from others.

Starting with a few minutes per day is a good start. See if you can begin by walking up and down the stairs at a normal pace for those few minutes as you begin.

You will notice an increase in your heart rate and that’s what you’re looking for. Let’s get that heart rate up there to a level that makes you work but makes you work at a level that you can handle for now.

As you begin to feel that your initial workout routine is becoming too easy then start to increase the amount of time and the speed at which you go up and down the stairs.

As time goes on and you continue to build your strength and stamina start thinking about taking the steps two at a time on the way up. This will add difficulty to your climb and also burn your thighs even more not to mention speeding up your heart rate even more.

Stair climbing is a great cardiovascular workout and like all movement it also gets you feeling great about how strong and healthy your body is becoming. The benefits of working out are physical as well as mental and emotional.

Make it a point to move on a regular basis and make stair climbing a part of your weight loss workout program for women over 40.