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Reverse Aging – What is Resveratrol Extract?

Reverse Aging – What is Resveratrol Extract?

Resveratrol (also known as the French Paradox and Japanese knotweed) is a phytoalexin which is produced naturally in the skin of red grapes that protects the plant from attacks from dangerous bacteria and pathogens. Resveratrol has been produced synthetically in a number of nutritional supplements and has been linked to a number of healthy benefits.

Some of these health benefits include lowering the blood sugar, having an anti-cancer mechanism, anti-inflammatory properties with helps in weight loss/control, and better maintain an overall cardiovascular health. In one study done, those mice that had Resveratrol added to their diet had loss weight and received longer lifespans. Many of the studies done about Resveratrol have shown these effects have been studied in mice and have not been reproduced in clinical human trials, as of now.

However, which some medical journals have reported the great sociological effects of this ingredient in a number of communities, like the Asian territories of Okinawa and Sardinians; there has been no established medical data in the Western World.

The two communities that demonstrated the advantages of this wondrous plant are the communities of Okinawa and the Sardinian. In Okinawa, Resveratrol (which is known locally as the Japanese knotweed) has been seen to help in the lowering of lipid (fat) levels and assist in anti-inflammatory treatments. Because of this, it has been used to treat Hepatitis medicinally for many generations. The Sardinians, who are the largest population of people over 100 years of age in the world, have consumed Resveratrol as part of their daily diet byway of their locally grown red wine. This naturally produced red wine is not restricted by pesticides, so the grape’s polyphenol is allowed to mature naturally.

Both communities had held persuasive statistics, which suggest its potential; however, the FDA, the authoritative agency in the US, has is not administered as a certified drug. However, with the growing amount of data about reverstarol becomes better known, the potential of reverstarol will be unlocked soon.

Currently, Glaxo Smith Kline, the manufacture of Alli (one of America’s Most Popular Weight Loss Pill), has taken over the research rights of reverstarol. Therefore, soon resveratrol’s health qualities will be unraveled in the future.