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How To Get Yourself Selfie-Ready!

If social media is your favorite playground, you want to look your best in all the selfies you post there. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you’re always camera ready!


Glowing, dewy skin will reflect your warm personality in all your photo posts. Following your daily skincare routine will keep your skin break-out free and moisturized. Right before you snap the selfie, pinch both your cheeks a few times to achieve a natural blush that’s uniquely you.


It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. You want your eyes to reflect your warm, confident self in every selfie. Why mess with mascara every day when you can get lash extensions instead. You choose whether you want to go for the full-on glam look with lush, feathery lashes or a more natural look that compliments what you already have. Groom your brows and add a touch of eyeliner, and you’re good to go.


You want that big, beautiful smile of yours to shine in the photo and show how you embrace life on a daily basis! Don’t try to force that smile. Just let it happen naturally, even if you have to do a couple of practice takes first. Your teeth will look whiter if you apply blue-based lip color, like a true red or pink shade.


Keep your hair in tip-top shape by using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Give a quick fluff to your luscious locks right before you’re ready to snap that selfie. If you have long hair, pull it all forward in front of your shoulders so it looks super full and thick in the photo.

Following these few simple tips will make sure your skin, eyes, lips and hair are selfie-ready for all your photo-ops.