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Red Wine and Resveratrol Health Benefits

Red Wine and Resveratrol Health Benefits

Red wine health benefits, are there any benefits to drinking one or two glasses of red wine a day, if you go by the French people and there diet of butter fat and animal fat in there diet it would seem that there is some thing to red wine and it’s health benefits. Considering they eat four times the butter fat and twice as much pork as Americans and have only half the heart disease we do, it is called the French paradox, there is also a Asian paradox that they smoke more than one pack of cigarettes a day but don’t have the lung cancer that Americans do and scientist think it is the green tea they drink every day that protects them from cancer and other diseases.

One drink per day for women and two for men is a safe amount of red wine to consume.

Scientist believe it is the Resveratrol in red wine that protects against heart disease, Resveratrol has been studied in more than 2500 research papers about it’s ability to prevent disease, many doctors like Joseph Maroon M.D. and David Sinclair believe Resveratrol can help with heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many other diseases and also slows the aging process better than any other nutrient that they have studied. There are four main cellular aging mechanisms.

DNA damage, every day your cells are attacked and take over one million hits, that damage DNA and cause a typo in the cell, hampering it’s ability to reproduce normal healthy cells.

Genetic regulators determine when a cell will die normal cells have a limited life span and need to be replaced, abnormal cells don’t die when they are supposed to and can make abnormal cells.

Mitochondria make energy inside our cells without this energy we would die, Resveratrol help produce more Mitochondria so we can have more energy.

Advanced Glycation End products or AGE proteins for short, this is like having dirty oil in your engines crankcase.

Resveratrol alone can effect the first three cellular aging process but by itself can not effect the fourth mechanism of aging AGE proteins. Scientist working more than three years came up with a unique polyphenol blend that makes Resveratrol 10X more effective than Resveratrol alone, and does have an impact on the fourth mechanism of aging the AGE proteins, and this unique polyphenol blend is like drinking 100 glasses of red wine per day and effectively slows the aging process.

David Sinclair said on the Barbra Walters special that you would need 100s of glasses of red wine per day to slow the aging process effectively, so how do you get that much per day without a hangover, Resveratrol supplements are the only way to get the amount you need per day. But most Resveratrol supplements on the market today are only about 50% pure leaving behind a compound called emodim and this compound causes diarrhea so taking a Resveratrol supplement that is only 50 % pure will cause you to end up in the bathroom more times than you would like, there is a product on the market that I wrote in the last paragraph that is like drinking 100 glasses of red wine per day and also is 98 to 100 percent pure, so you won’t have to be in the bath room all day and it effectively slows the aging process, and helps prevent disease.

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