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How To Apply Anti-Aging Serums for Quick and Effective Results

How To Apply Anti-Aging Serums for Quick and Effective Results

Who does not want to look younger and feel younger? Almost every woman wants to feel good and confident with younger looking skin. In this advanced era, there are certain emerging technologies that allow specific active ingredients to be quickly absorbed by the skin. Thus, specific active ingredients packed in tiny balls giving a look of a clear fluid are basically called as anti aging serums.

But one should always be clear about it that these are not any ordinary liquid. Micro encapsulation is an emerging technology where a very tiny bead of active ingredients is wrapped in a molecular bubble. Later, this molecular bubble acts as a vehicle or a carrier that actually safely transports the active ingredients to be absorbed by the skin without getting vanished when it comes in contact with air.

The active ingredients present in the serum ranges from vitamin C to peptides that are encased in the vehicle. However, the carrier or the vehicle is not absorbed by the skin as only the active ingredients is absorbed and the vehicle dissipates slowly in the form of vapour due to skin temperature after proper absorption.

For the best and the proven results of anti-aging serums, the dermatologists basically suggest people to cover up the applied anti-aging serum with a protective layer of makeup or foundation that will actually not be affected with serum. Women are advised to do so as most of these serums meant for anti-aging contain anti-oxidants and anti-oxidants are generally very sensitive to light and hence they tend to break down quickly when its exposed to sun.

Anti-aging serum is available with end numbers of benefits such as:

• It lifts and firms the face wherein helps in enhancing contours, resilience and overall appearance.

• Strengthens the collagen network by preventing the thinning and sagging of skin while modifying the elasticity.

• Helps in repairing sun damaged skin while encouraging cell renewal.

• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles thereby hydrating the skin by minimizing water loss and replenishing moisture.

• Improves skin texture safely and effectively and

• Corrects irregular pigmentation and evens out skin tone.

The serums for anti-aging are generally available according to the skin types of women. Thus, it is up to the woman to choose the best suitable serum for her skin which will certainly deliver quick result. However, to be on a safer side, one should always consult with skin care professionals who can easily judge your skin type and will suggest the best serum that will suit your skin type for an effective result.