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How Playing Golf Can Improve Your Health

Golf has a reputation as a sport involving low impact and minimal effort. This is only half true. There is plenty of athleticism involved in playing the game, so much so that golf conditioning Burlington ON is available to help prevent sports injuries. Therefore, it is not true that golf is non-athletic or requires only minimal effort.

However, it is true that golf is a low-impact sport. This is evident from the lack of back-and-forth motion, jumping, or sprinting. This makes golf a good activity for those who want to improve their health and stay active without putting undue stress on their joints.

Playing golf can offer significant benefits to your health, both physical and mental. Here are some of the ways that it can put you on the path to self-improvement.

1. Walking Workout

Walking is one of the most fundamental forms of exercise. It helps to improve cardiovascular health and burns calories. During an 18-hole game of golf, you may burn 1,400 calories by walking a total of six miles as you locate the ball after you hit it.

2. Social Interaction

Connection to other people is important for your mental and emotional health. Golf gives you a chance to interact socially when you either play with someone else or against someone in a friendly competition. The combination of frequent downtime, low intensity, and serenity when out on the links helps to facilitate conversation.

3. Mental Stimulation

The health of the mind and body are often closely connected. You can positively affect your mental health just by staying physically active. However, golf also stimulates your mind due to the focus and concentration it requires. There are programs in which veterans play golf to lessen the effects of posttraumatic stress disorder from combat. Playing golf can help to alleviate feelings and thoughts of negativity.

Some people are turned off by golf’s unearned reputation. If you have been thinking about taking it up, now might be a good time to start for your health.