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Advantages of Using an Electric Bike and 5 Recommendations. Faster and Not Easily Tired

Lately, many people have a hobby of cycling, especially using the type of folding bike that is practical to carry everywhere. This type of sport is fun to do. Besides being healthy for the body, cycling can also reduce air pollution on the highway. No wonder the fans are getting more and more. Then what if we want to make bicycles as a means of daily transportation? In order to be faster and not easily tired, we can choose an electric bicycle that is more practical.

There are various advantages that can be obtained by riding an electric bicycle. Because, this type of bike has more complete specifications than ordinary bicycles. We can also choose various brands that are available according to the budget. There are bicycles that are relatively cheap because the facilities are standard, there are also those that are more expensive because the facilities are complete and guaranteed . Let’s see an explanation about electric bicycles and some recommendations!

Nowadays, electric bicycles are increasingly in demand by many people as a means of transportation, especially for woman. What exactly is a women’s electric bicycle?

As the name implies, an electric bicycle is a bicycle that is driven by electricity. So we don’t have to bother pedaling with our feet. Just connect this bike with electric power until the battery is charged, then we can use it automatically. Very practical right? However, electric bicycles are still equipped with pedals for the feet. So we can drive it manually if needed.

It turns out that electric bicycles have a number of advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered

1. Reduce fatigue on the go

If used as daily transportation, electric bicycles will not make you tired. We only need to insert the key, turn on the starter, then turn the gas lever so that the bike runs automatically. So it can be used by various groups. Starting from school children, office workers, to mothers. Moreover, the driver does not need a SIM .

2. The components are sophisticated so they are safe to use

When using an electric bicycle, we will have no difficulty when going downhill or uphill. The reason, this vehicle has a fast acceleration. The specifications of electric bicycles are also more complete and we can control them more easily. This can reduce the potential for accidents during the trip.

3. More environmentally friendly

In terms of practicality and sophistication, electric bicycles are quite similar to motorcycles . However, electric bicycles are more environmentally friendly. This vehicle does not emit smoke that causes air pollution. Electric bicycles also do not require fuel so they can save natural resources.

4. The electric power can run out, so it must be filled regularly

In one recharge , electric bicycles can cover a distance of about 40-50 km. Usually it takes about 8 hours to fully charge the battery. You can’t forget to do this. Because if the electric power runs out in the middle of the road, it means we have to pedal it manually.

5. Fewer workshops for electric bicycles

This bike has special components that require careful maintenance. Unfortunately, the number of workshops for electric bicycles is still scarce. We also can not carelessly replace components if damaged. Make sure to service it regularly so it lasts a long time!