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Some of the Advantages of Getting the Menstrual Cup

Today, women have many options when it comes to their personal hygiene.This is seen mostly in menstrual options that are common to women. This can be possible with the new menstrual cups found in many places. The cup comes from either silicone or the rubber materials. If you note that you have a latex allergy, it is advisable to keep off from the silicon cup. This cup is meant to be used for your menstrual period and should put in your vagina.From here, it will collect the menstrual blood.In order to avoid any leakage, it is advisable to take it out, empty and also wash it after every 12 hours. However, for that person with a heavy flow, the cup should often be cleaned. The best thing about the cups is the ability to serve you for years and will only cost $30.Here are some of the advantages of using one.

Pads and tampons are not the best since they produce an unpleasant smell.This is not the case with the cups for they are fresh.This is because there is no fluid which is out in the open in the air. It is not easy to have any pH problems when you use the cups as compared to the tampons.You should be glad to note that with the cups, it is not that easy to have this problem since there is no chance of blood soaking in the vagina.

Using the cups will not give you a hard time. Cups cannot be compared with the tampons for they are easily inserted into the vagina. For the best outcome, ensure that you have folded the cup into the right shape just as the tampons. Place in it like the way you put the tampons in the vagina. After this, ensure that you give it an extra push inside.When it is inside, the said cup will now unfold to the usual shape as required. Remember to place it correctly for it needs not to be noticeable.

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When you select tampons or the pads, you will require removing and changing them in each 4-8 hours.With the cups, you should be able to have one twice a day. It will give you extra time since you will not be forced to run to the restroom every other hour. For that person that wants to observe the environment, they should think of buying the cups. This is mostly because you will only use two cups a day and there is no chance of throwing them away. The use of cups will not put the surrounding in danger when you compare it with pads or the tampons. When one understands the benefits, is simple to choose the appropriate choice.