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Edibles That Fight Aging

Edibles That Fight Aging

It’s in the curves and definitely it’s in the skin. It’s no longer a secret that the women of today have nothing to hide – that is because modern cosmetics have never given them reason to. No wrinkles, no fine lines – just beautiful, youthful and healthy females.

Staying younger-looking is not only a symbol of beauty’s longevity, but also a celebration of woman empowerment. For many years, anti-aging breakthroughs have made women look, feel and be ageless – just the way they deserve to be.

But while science, through a wide array of anti aging products, is doing good in defying aging, there are still some women who want beauty that is seamless, faultless and without a trace of chemical ingredients.

So for women who aren’t ready yet to try anti-aging products, there are certain foods that could give relief to their aging woes as these edibles, for instance, help reduce lines and wrinkles. Read on to find out what to eat to reap such anti-aging benefits.


Rich in monounsaturated fat that puts bad cholesterol levels down, this fruit prevents high blood pressure also because of the potassium it contains. Avocado has Vitamin E, a vitamin known for its role in maintaining healthy skin.


Whether it’s blackberries, blueberries or its other edible kinds, berries give protection from the damage caused by free radicals and other factors of aging due to its phytochemical properties.


Regardless if it’s raw or cooked, garlic does wonders to defy aging. According to studies, the risk of women in their late fifties to have cancer lessens by 50% if their diet includes a clove of garlic every week.


Not only that it is delicious, watermelon also gives you anti-aging essentials like Vitamin E, Vitamin C and zinc that fights aging through eliminating the free radicals in the body.