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5 Reasons Addiction is Killing you Without You Knowing it

Addiction is bad and everyone knows that, but how bad it is, it seems like not too many people are aware of it. Everyone is in a state of denial when someone mentions that they need help. Everyone says that they are not addicted and they can quit whenever they like.

This is not true in more than 95% of cases. Addicts can’t just quit whenever they want and that is scientifically proven. They can only try to withdraw, but then they’ll realize it’s not as easy as they think. A rehab program is a must. Living in northern Houston means seeing the Taylor recovery Katy Addiction Rehab facility or some of the others in the area.

It is the only way to quit the addiction. If you’re in this kind of trouble, but you’re not sure if you need to get out, it’s time to read some of the most valuable pieces of information that will make you do it. Follow up and see what they are!

1. Drains your budget

Every addiction is expensive. Depending on the substance, it can go from mild draining to an extreme expense that will make you sell everything you have. Heavy drugs are not cheap, and addicts need at least two doses per day.

Even if you manage to stay focused and keep on going to work and do your job properly, you’ll still spend the entire paycheck on your addiction. This is why it’s smart to reconsider your choices and start visiting a rehab center.

If you spend some time in rehab, you’ll regain your life and job, and you’ll be amazed at how much money you actually had if you didn’t spend it on drugs, alcohol, nicotine, gambling, or whatever it is that you’re addicted to.

2. Makes you unmotivated and lazy

No addiction in the world will make you productive and motivated in the long run. There’s a myth that cocaine is the perfect drug for everyone who wants to get things done, and this may be true for those who never had it, but in the long run, it will never be enough to keep you going.

Not to mention the health problems it will create when you eventually stop taking it and be sure that you’ll have to do it once. Constant consumption will get you to a point when no amount will be enough to hype you, and your brain will switch off under the huge dose inserted.

We see hundreds of people die from overdose every day. It’s not a pretty sight, and you don’t want the same happening to you. This is why you need to go to rehab as soon as possible, rather than losing yourself to this.

3. Destroys your mental health

It may have all kinds of implications on your job and wallet, but the worst issue is that addictions completely mess up your brain. While you’re intoxicated, everything seems great. You’re having fun, and nothing seems to be a problem, but once the joy is over, your mind instantly asks for another dose to keep with the good time.

When you stop providing the substance, your mind will start feeling numb and make you feel like you have no will for anything else but continue with the partying. This is entirely normal, as you’re getting used to positive sensations, and the brain wants only the best for itself. Learn in more details about addictions and mental health on this link.

4. Destroys your internal organs

Aside from the brain and playing games with it, your entire body suffers from toxins, no matter what they are. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about light or heavy drugs, alcohol, nicotine, or unhealthy foods. Your organs will get these toxins on them and will struggle to get rid of them.

Only after a lot of effort and substance withdrawal, you’ll manage to get them in the starting position to have them work properly. You may say that constant consumption of illegal substances is killing you. Only after rehab, and being clean for some time, you’ll be able to be healthy and have your internal organs work with their full capacity.

5. Shuts you off social circles

When you become an addict, people no longer see you with the same eyes. You’re a problem to society, your family is ashamed of you, and your friends would rather hang out with someone else rather than a “crackhead.”

Finding yourself in this position is tough. You need to get out of it immediately. There’s no other way but to go to rehab. Once you start the program, and you finish it successfully, you’ll see how everyone starts accepting you back. Your friends want to hang out with you again, you’re invited to family reunions, and society welcomes the new you.


As you can see, it’s not easy being an addict. You’ll get cast away from everyone, and the only people that might want to be with you, are other addicts struggling with the same. It’s not a great company to be in.

Going to rehab is a much smarter thing to do. Look for the nearest center around you and be sure that you’re dedicated to quitting. Withdrawal can be tricky, so have faith in the work of doctors and be sure that their decisions are well-thought and on point.