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6 Things That Could Be Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

There are many people who try to avoid going outside without wearing a mask to save themselves from air pollution. But, do you know that indoor air is even worse than the air outside your home. Irritants are always present inside the home, which increase over time. Today, air is polluted to sucha level that you can’t get fresh air evenif you stay indoors. These pollutants make it necessary to install air purifiers – Delhi, Mumbai or whichever city you are in, air purifying appliance has become a basic necessity today.

Here are 6 things, which could impact indoor air quality:

Pests andPets

You may love your pets extremely, but you can’t imagine how many harmful chemicals they bring to your floor, couch and bed. The dust and dander they carry is infinite, which causes a number of diseases. It is the same casewith pests, including mice, cockroaches, dust mites etc. This is the main reason for asthma and many other dust allergies. You can’t keep your home safe from these insects and pets, thereby making air purifier necessary for your home.


It’s common to arrange parties and get-togethers with your family and friends once in a while. But, be aware of the fact that they all could bring in allergens with them. And, if they are bringing their pets alsoto your home, then your home is getting harmful air contaminants within seconds. Plus, if any visitor is infected with a cough or any other allergy, then too the air quality at home will deteriorate.

Decorations andAir Fresheners

Who doesn’t love a decorated home? But, some decorations could affect the indoor air quality tremendously. If you use air fresheners, then the odour could beannoying, especially for those who suffer from allergies. Furthermore, all other things you bring home, including candles, contain air contaminants like formaldehyde. So, it’s advisable to install air purifiers, which have the capability to clean up the air completely.

New Furniture

The material polishes used to make furniture usually contain chemicals, which can harm people by causing various allergies. The material used in cushions can result in poor indoor air quality.

Mold Growth

Mold growth is a common problem at home, exposing you to several health risks. Air purifiers can help to a great extent if you suffer from mold allergies. It filters allergens like mold spores from the air and also prevent future mold growth.


Your home contains a considerable amount of chemicals, which can cause irritation in nose, eyes and throat. This could infect the body. This can give rise to nausea, headache, and unnecessary irritation. The negative aspects are not always known by people and they become habitual to tolerating the bad odour of chemicals, which further impacts the health badly.  In these cases, air purifiers greatly help in making you free from the bad impact of chemicals.

These are the 6main things, which impact the air quality tremendously. If you want to inhale pure and fresh air, air purifiersare your best bet.