The cosmetic industry in the UK remains by and large unregulated. This raises the question of reputation and the quality of aesthetic treatments offered by skin clinics. The demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments has soared in recent times, to place the market value of treatments, that include dermal fillers and non-surgical facelifts, at an estimated £2.75billion, with every nine out of ten cosmetic treatments requested belonging to the non-surgical variety. The main concern of the Nuffield Council of Bioethics is the safety and effectiveness of such treatments. What can a patient do to make sure that they do not receive substandard quality procedures and products? This is where proper research into a skin clinic is worth the time and effort.

How To Decide On An Aesthetic Clinic

There are plenty of choices when it comes to skin clinics offering age-defying treatments. But not all aesthetic clinics are created equal. Find the best skin clinic in London by considering the following questions.

1. Does The Practitioner Have The Relevant Training And Credentials?

Patients often overlook a skin clinic staffed by regulated healthcare professionals, in favour of a cheaper price tag. One of the best forms of protection a patient can expect is to choose treatment offered by a skin clinic that has a medical doctor as a director. Patients should understand that there are certain risks attached to even non-surgical treatments and a registered medical professional has the proficiencies and should have the experience required to take appropriate action should a complication occur.

2. How Thorough Is The Consultation Appointment?

Patients should not be made to feel pressured in opting for a particular face rejuvenation treatment. It is important that a patient feels comfortable with the clinic and has faith in receiving a high quality treatment there. A lot about an aesthetic clinic can be determined during a consultation appointment. How forthcoming is the staff in discussing risks and complications and side effects? Another good question to ask is: does the clinic provide follow-up care?

3. Does The Clinic Provide Patient Reviews?

A lot of information can be gleaned from patient reviews. A skin clinic confident in the quality of its service will provide easy access to patient feedback. Both positive as well as negative feedback have their uses. Has the aesthetic clinic won any awards for their services? Industry awards are a reliable indicator of trust and professionalism.

 4. Is the aesthetic clinic easily accessible?

Location may not be the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a skin clinic for skin-enhancing treatments. Most often, non-surgical treatments require follow-up sessions, so a convenient location is a good idea.

 5. What payment options are offered?

Patients should not shy away from inquiring about treatment costs and payment options available. The practitioner should not gloss over the cost factor; instead, they should be very clear and upfront about what the costs are, including whether follow-up sessions are included.

6. What information is available on their website?

If a first-person visit is not possible, a visit to the skin clinic’s website is the next best idea. Are there photos of the staff available as well as details of their credentials? Is there a complete description of services and product brands available?

Take the time to find the right London skin clinic and the odds for developing a life-long relationship between patient and clinic are greatly increased. Give The Cosmetic Skin Clinic a call for professional service and high quality non-surgical cosmetic treatments.