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3 Tips For Beginning Bikers

Cycling is quite the workout, but it can also be a great hobby. You can travel across large distances, enjoy the view and get exercise at the same time. If you have just started biking, here are a few tips to help you have a quality experience.

1. Get the Right Gear

If you want to stay safe and hydrated, you’ll need a few more things than just your bike. Always invest in a helmet, lock and good biking shoes. These can help protect you and your bike.

There are other accessories you can get to make the ride easier and safer. For heavy traffic areas, get a hard shell helmet mirror to help you see your surroundings. You may want to get a biking outfit that can help you feel more comfortable during your ride.

2. Get Familiar With the Gears

If you rode your bike in the same gear setting all the time, you might be missing out. Gears are designed to help you in different terrains and slopes. Practice with your gears on a flat road. Practice shifting smoothly and knowing which gears work best with hills and other types of terrain.

3. Learn How To Fix Punctures

You don’t want to get stuck in an unfamiliar place with a puncture. Whether you bike on the road or on rougher paths, you may encounter a few punctures. Get a puncture kit and learn how to fix one. You may have to practice a few times, but you’ll appreciate the knowledge.

The more you bike, the easier it will become. With these three tips, you can get started. Find routes that you like, find some biking buddies and enjoy this new hobby. Remember, everyone starts somewhere. In no time, you can become an expert biker who gives tips like these to others.