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Without Proper Exercise, You Increase Disease Risk

Without Proper Exercise, You Increase Disease Risk

Most people who start an exercise program have goals in mind of losing weight, toning and shaping muscles or improving their general strength and fitness. For years fitness and health professionals have been proclaiming the benefits of exercise. Studies have continued to explode in number examining the role exercise plays in benefiting serious health problems such as chronic disease ranging from cancer and diabetes to arthritis and heart disease.

These researchers have uncovered the fact that not having enough proper activity in ones life that works the muscular system to build and maintain strength is an actual cause of many of the risk factors for all chronic disease. It is the way you live your life and whether or not you take the time on a regular basis to do the vigorous activity that our bodies need to stay healthy and disease free.

It has been discovered that low levels of activity even for as little as two weeks has a negative effect on the human body. Imagine what months, years or even decades can do? It was previously known that not exercising was not healthy but now it is known that it actually causes disease.

This might account for 50 percent of the world’s population having at least one chronic disease and many more having multiple conditions. These are not just little minor ailments we are talking about here; it is major life threatening illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes and at least 50 others.

If this information motivates you into getting started on an exercise program make sure it is made up of mostly strength training activity as it is your muscular strength that needs looking after if your wish is to stay healthy and well. The condition of your muscles are what determines the health of your metabolism (your body’s engine) so the food you eat is efficiently turned into energy and be burned up in the muscles rather than stored as body fat around your waistline.

Body fat actually does something more than just hang around and make your trousers tight. It produces chemicals (hormones) that speed abnormal cell growth and by shedding this fat, you reduce the chance for dangerous cells to thrive.

Proper exercise reduces fat deep in the abdomen, a hidden risk factor because it can raise insulin levels, which promote the growth of cancer cells as well as cholesterol levels. Most people gain 1- 2 pound of body fat on average every year, and that adds up to dangerous levels over a lifetime. Exercise is an effective method to reduce abdominal fat both inside and outside of the tummy – and therefore chronic disease.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing if you get sick drugs will cure you as all they usually do is mask the symptoms. Take it upon yourself to do the muscle building and maintaining exercise that will keep you healthy and well. It is what our bodies are designed to do and must do otherwise they weaken, decay and deteriorate.

Ending up with a life threatening disease is a tragic thing to face. Make sure you keep yourself well by having a proper exercise program in place and eating as much natural unprocessed food as possible. Be prepared to develop the skills needed to take control of your health and live a happier and healthier life.