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Three Ways to Be a Winning Coach

Coaches are leaders and mentors in the lives of young athletes. The impact of a truly great coach is life-changing. These team leaders not only inspire young players on their team(s), but they encourage teamwork and conflict-resolution skills while instilling the importance of hard work. Whether you are a new coach on the block or a seasoned pro, these simple coaching tips will help take your team to the next level.


Coaches have a lot on their plates (no pun intended for baseball coaches)! It is crucial to start the coaching season with a strategy. No matter how much time you have with your team it is crucial to pinpoint important dates and structure plans accordingly. If your team requires auditions, start by selecting an audition date and recruiting veteran team members to help spread the word and hold practice clinics. After tryouts or auditions, strategize monthly and weekly practice schedules. Provide dates to both players and parents from the start of the season to ensure all teammates are aware of participation expectations.

Reward Players

Additionally, it is important to plan team bonding outings and celebration opportunities during the upcoming year. Coaches need to reward hard work in their players, which will fuel increased participation and hard work for games and seasons to come. Consider hosting an end-of-season banquet to award athletes with honors and recognition. Invite family and friends and consider getting themed gifts, such as cheerleader cookies atlanta, to show your players you value them as team members.

Community Involvement

Additionally, show your team how to use their gifts and talents to get involved with their local community. Encourage your players to volunteer with children’s clinics or local nonprofits to practice the importance of giving back while improving on their skills.

Three cheers for the best coaches in the game!